Applying for work

I’m currently looking for work for first time here just wondering what I need to apply ie Carte vitale Carte d’indentite etc

I’ve only ever worked for one employer and they asked me for the following:

Carte d’Identité or passport
Permis de conduire
Carte vitale

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info I don’t have Carte vitale yet so would that prevent me from working?

I don’t know I’m afraid. Have you received the attestation yet? That may suffice instead of the actual carte as it shows you are entitled to healthcare and, of course, will show your social security number. I’m hoping Anna Watson sees this post as she will probably know the answer.

No attestation I’m only use applying for it

when ypu get offered a job you will be given a social number, with the social number you can apply for your carte vitalle.

other option is go self employed pay 60€ get a siret and social number and apply for the card.

you cannot get a carte vitalle unless you are registered for paying taxes or your a retiree drawing a state pension then you need an s1 form etc.

Wot Harry said. Your employer will have to sort out your social security number when (s)he registers you with URSSAF as a new employee.
Sometimes they know what to do and sometimes they manage to make a bit of a bxxxs up of it, I can’t imagine it’s very complicated but I suppose most new employees already have sécu numbers so the employer might not have needed to do this particular process before. But either way, if you have no other route to social security until you get a job, you’ll have to wait till you get an offer and hope your employer is on the ball with it all.

Good luck with the job hunting.


Seems as though it’s gonna be a tad more difficult than I’d hoped received this from an employment agency


Effectivement, cela va être compliqué sans vos papiers, renseignez-vous pour les obtenir car sans pièce d’identité ni carte vitale nous ne pourrons pas vous confier de mission.

Restant à votre disposition.

Mark… how have you been surviving in the year that you have been here ??

Surely you have a passport?
All they need is proof of ID. Obviously they need to confirm you are who you say you are, because they need to register you in the system and most importantly they need to know you have the right to work in France, which as an EU citizen - presumably? you do have (so get a job quick before Brexit). They seem to have got the impression that you are literally a “sans papiers”.

employment agents are a seperate ball game. you cannot register with them till you have all your paperwork. which you cant get till you get a job. If you get an employment contract and your employer is stuck, take your contract to social and they do all the paperwork for you. Most 90% or more do not have a clue when it comes to people without a social. explain to employers as son as you have a contract you can get a temporary social number from the social office, they give you the temp number the same day normally so long as your id paperwork is in order, ie, bill to your address, passport, birth certificate etc .

Thank you all I haver contacted would told me I do not need a carte vitale to find work the employer does it all or I can do it as long as I get the security number just need to find the job centre now

Forget about carte vitales for now Mark. If you’re not currently paying any national insurance contributions/cotisations you’re not entitled to healthcare, so you cannot get a carte vitale. If you’re relying on a job to get entitlement for healthcare, then obviously the job has to come first.

In theory it is possible to issue a social security number before you start paying cotisations but in practice the two things usually happen together, because there’s not a lot of point in issuing a social security number if you’re not entitled to social security. So the number is issued when you get a job and you and your employer start making contributions. As soon as you start making contributions, your rights will be opened and you can start claiming reimbursements, you don’t have to wait for the carte vitale. Carte vitales are handy but not necessary, you can use the health system without and you get the same reimbursement, the only difference is that until you get your carte vitale you will have to pay upfront and claim it bacK

It was just that employment agents were asking for carte vitale I thought I needed one

agencies demand upon seeing you are covered for health cover, its a very wierd system here. all you need is the social and unfortunately employers wont give you a start date without one hence getting a temp one from social once they give you a contract. get pole employ to do a letter saying you can get a social number once you have a contract.