Applying to stay in UK

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EU citizen wanting to stay in the UK after Brexit? It’s super easy :eyes:

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Why does everyone e use Twitter?
It is the same with the Independent Group.
Do they not fealise that the most motivated group of electors are the elderly, who, in the main, are not fans of Twitter?

I know! I apologise. I did try and paste the video in the main body of the post, but couldn’t work out how.

To be honest I don’t go on twitter that often it appears to be composed of shouty echo chambers.

The video was highlighting the technical problems with applying for UK residency. During the initial phase it requires an android phone and then it needs some kind of special setting or software. Again not very user friendly - for any age group. But totally bewildering if you are not used to technology, like my parents for example.

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There are physical places you can go to where you can get things scanned for you.

Just for you: :wink:

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That’s good. Scanning is the way forwards. The home office lost my brother’s (Serbian) partner’s documents. After waiting for months she had to start again.

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This is the current guidance, and it does say that things can be sent by post too. And also says not everything up & running yet which is pretty appalling!

I actually saw the video on my lap top through another provider.