My daughter has been on work experience for the last two weeks and has just been offered an apprenticeship at the same place, which we are all delighted about, does anyone know anything about an apprenticeship in France, I believe that she can work three weeks in every month but continue her studies for the remaining week. I would appreciate any advice please. Jackie

I didn't mean to be negative, or sniping towards the internship process, but the girl I know is pretty miserable where she is. She meets up with others on their the "college" part block of her course, and some are really happy, getting on very well in their hotels, and some have been asked to stay on afterwards, and have agreed, others are just grinning and bearing it to the end, tolerating whatever gets thrown at them, with the mind set on the ultimate goal at the end of the 2 years. (bear in mind there is a report, and the employer can tell the prof that the shipper is useless, and it will have bearing on the result).

i got into hospitality on an internship also. It was ok, but, I ended up working 80 hours a week, sometimes, and only ever getting paid for a basic 39, and also, on a trainee's wage. Because I am the type that believes in doing things to the best of my ability, I worked a lot harder than the rest of the full timers, and got more abuse, more workload, more hours, and less pay. In the end, though, it was worth it. I just should have picked a better boss, my bad.

I think if the feeling is good between her and the higher management, it will be a breeze, but she might want to set down some rules before agreeing, like amount of hours worked in the kitchen, or money. We often get stagaires in hotels, and the general consensus seems to be to stick them in the wash-up, or send them servicing bedrooms most of the time, while they are actually there to LEARN.

I hope she either gets on well here, or finds another where she does well. be sure to tell her one thing is most important, don't work your ass off for anyone who talks down to you, or anyone else. the hotel industry is great, but there are certain hotels, and managers well known for their ill manner.

Oh, thanks so much Zoe, it's so good to hear something on a more negative side because everything so far is too good to be true, or maybe that's just my personality. Anyway, my daughter was approached by the boss who she seems to like and they are giving her two days training on reception and service whilst on her work experience as kitchen staff (She is really not happy at cooking, it was the only option she had last year). She has always expressed an interest in Hotel work and I believe that the Lycee also feel that she could cope really well in that field and they have also expressed that they feel she would be better on reception or service. Its something that should be so easy but its worrying me already. :). I truly believe that being English is the main key to them asking. I do hope that the person you know comes out of her situation with some positive results and again, thanks for telling me. Jackie

Have her make sure she is 100 percent happy with the employers, for a start. I know someone going throu a 2 year apprentisage with a hotel, and basically, the situation has become all but unbearable, because of a personal clash with her boss, and she HAS to stick out her two years there, or start again.

Thank you Andrew, bit of a shock

second what Hayley has said, also simply ask the employer what they have in mind ;-)