Architect needed

We need an architecht who practices in France and can make plans in order to renovate

a pigionier. He must be able to get the plans passed.Should be no problem as there is an existing window.

Our area is 33890. We do not wish to have help with the ongoing project.

Any ideas welcome.Could possibly consider someone from another region who could come and stay

for a couple of days.....just thinking aloud!

Good morning Barbara,

My husband, Jonathan Fugler is registered in France -

Please telephone 0555807283 to discuss your project, at your convenience.

Kind regards

Vanessa FUGLER

Where are you based please?

Hello Barbara,
We are Dept 23 (23240). I’ve had a look on Goggle maps and you are approx. 3 hours away. Jonathan does travel long distances with his business, but probably best if you both spoke about your project in the first instance on the telephone or via email.
Jonathan is away on business at the moment and will be available next week if you would like to discuss further?
Kind regards

No …sorry but I will need a local person.

But thank you for getting in touch.


No problem. Good luck with your project.

This chap has been working with our neighbours (near Castillon la Bataille) for nearly a year:

His name is Maurice, he doesn’t speak English,

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thank you.

Are your neighbours working on a big project?
mine is mainly to draw up plans and present them to the Marue etc.
It is a change of use…but I have a window.
Thank you.

Yes it is a big project, but I am sure all architects would want a mixture of large and small projects.