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I can smell the ozone

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The ship looks so very clean, and shipshape

Or is it a boat? Never sure!

It’s a ship. It has three masts and is ocean going.

A ship can carry a boat, but a boat can’t carry a ship (as my grandfather told me 60 years ago)

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A great place to visit

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The school kids will be patrolling our village tomorrow evening

Jo Brand’s definition " A ship has curtains at the portholes, a boat doesn’t" :grin:


Another answer is that a ship’s captain gets annoyed if you refer to his vessel as a boat, but a boat’s captain does not get annoyed if you refer to his vessel as a ship.,,-197783,00.html

Cue this beauty in the port of Bonifacio back in 2018

a Russian training ship.


Those sails have an ‘about to cascade into voluptuousness’ feel about them, for me. Soon to be filled out and rounded by a warm & salty wind! A busty-looking pirate ship!

Just waxing lyrical!

I’ve not seen this before
 Paris 1900 and the Grand Exhibition

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@Stella “Archives: Fab photos & History” - wrong thread? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

 it’s all coming from the Archive section of the daily Sud Ouest publication

I’ve deleted history 'cos it’s obvious isn’t it
 if it’s archived, it’s historical
 :roll_eyes: :rofl: :+1:

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Ah - now I understand :grin:

Six super places to discover
 lovely photos

this is a favourite

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Oh, Stella! Thank you.

This is quite wonderful to watch. Crowds used to look so elegant. And les Maires look as though they all have the same tailor.

I greatly enjoyed this walk through 1900