Are bookings down this year for holiday lets

Hi everyone, I have read that bookings for holiday homes are down in France . Just wondered if people have noticed it much. I am in a small village on holiday nr Bergerac at the moment and the house is fully booked for weeks to come and next year at the same time of year it is very busy. Also the ferry was crammed coming over and the amount of Brit cars all over the Dordogne was a lot. One other point are lots of Brits selling up as looking at the houses for sale pics quite a few seem to have Union Jack bedspreads cushions.

Our bookings and a number of other friends bookings are down this year. Personally we dont mind. Has been nice having a couple of unbooked weeks where we can relax. Re Union Jack cushions, I would pay to much attention to the detail Maison de Monde do a great range of union jack stuff which ironically has been popular with french buyers!

No, they’re not down in 17.

We are in our second year of Airbnb. I have noticed a number of different trends:

  1. We have fewer reservations for groups staying one or two nights that are in transit between their point of origin and point of destination. At the same time, there are more people reserving for longer periods for whom their stay in our cottage is all or part of their holiday. I am sure that the number of positive comments we have received plays a major role. All I can stay is wonderful, especially as a one night stay is virtually the same work at a 7 night stay.
  2. In July, the number of consultations we received was way down relative to last year, but that did not prevent us from being almost solidly booked for July and August.
  3. Notwithstanding all the doom and gloom that the British are staying home due to Brexit and the pound, the number of reservations originating from the UK is way up compared to last year.
  4. We have no reservations from September onwards, but this is consistent with last year. With one exception, all the reservations (about one-third of the total for the year) between September and the end of the last year, were made after September.

I am not sure what all of this means. Perhaps nothing.