Are Pensions Transferable?

bonjour tout le monde I am retired hubby is not. I have basic state UK pension and a small one from my brief teaching career. When I fall off the perch will he be allowed any of my pension? merci bien

Yes normally they provide a 50% ish pension for spouses. Best to check private pension scheme membership booklet as beneficary nomination forms are sometimes needed and also check you havent sected a single persons annuity.

But not the state pension…

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However the UK government site seems to indicate that the clear statement above (no transfer).may not always be the case, and it seems there are scenarios where a form of transfer may be possible…see link

My OH has an USS teachers pension (university). I know that on death, 50% would go to me as we have already talked about this. I can’t comment on any other teachers pension scheme, but I expect it would be similar. Some teachers pensions are classed as government pensions, where tax (if any) is payable in the UK.

Most teachers AFAIK were administered by the Prudential.

Its the transferable which is incorrect, you are not transfering, these are spouses benifits built into the scheme. (So as not to cause confusion )

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