Are sprouting potatoes safe to eat?

Isnt solanine the stuff in deadly nightshade?

Yes, they are all the same big happy family

Hence why it’s not a good idea to give the discarded pealings at this time of year too the chickens :wink:

Yes all the same family.

YMMV, the general recommendation is not to, because of the risk of solanum alkaloid poisoning. That said, if you boil or bake or fry them to death, the alkaloids can be at least partly destroyed by heat, depending on the temperature used:

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And that wasnt on green/sprouting versions, glad I pretty much avoid them all together.

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you would need to eat about 2 large baking potatoes - fully green (500gr per 50kg bodyweight) to
get poisoned.
So sprouts removed and peeled the spuds will be safe to eat.

Interesting you all hate them when they have gone bit spongy, personally I love the rare occasions this happens as they make wonderful pomme de terre sautée a l’ail !

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FWIW my wife tells me to cut generously around the sprouts as they are poisonous.

So you only get partially poisoned if you eat less?

Your body could probably handle a small amount of ‘poison’. And who would eat 500gr of green potato peelings.

People eat 'poison’all the time without realising. Rhubarb is high in oxalic acid after the summer… does a number on your kidneys.
Our society has become very alarmist and risk averse.

Also following America quite sick, 1:2 will get cancer isn’t something to take lightly. Diabetes is taking over due to grazing on sugary things.
I prefer to avoid inflammatory poisons when possible. Doesnt mean the occasional portion of beef dripping fried chips when available.

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Absolutely - the spuds have had a chance to develop more starch. Making crispy french fries with new potatoes is almost impossible.
I just cut away sprouty bits and peel a little more of the green bits. ‘Old’ potatoes make great fries or sautee