Are there different types of campsis?

As I drive round our local area I’m seeing the most beautiful campsis bushes/small trees - large light orange coloured flowers in great swathes, all bunched together.
I bought two campsis a couple or so years ago and they have darker orange flowers, many of which don’t seem to come out properly and they are smothered in ants - so my plants look anything but beautiful.
Have I chosen the wrong variety? Or am I not looking after them properly? Is it a matter of pruning/pinching out? I’d really welcome some thoughts/advice please. Thanks.

There are three main types, campsis radicans, grandiflora and a hybrid whose name I forget. And then cultivars of each type. They range in colour from cream through to very dark crimson red.

Round here they only grow on a hot south facing wall, and people cut them practically to the ground in winter. And then they grow about 3-4 metres and seem to flower beautifully each year.

Is there an ants nest at the base which needs to be dealt with? And does it get too dry?

I try and remove all trace of blackfly… which attract the ants (I think they milk them or something like that).

If I see ants running up the vine, I know to go looking and get things sorted.

Flowers seem to appear on new growth…