Are there such beasts as tax consultants or financial advisors?

Hello everyone,

We are struggling with our first ever tax returns and would love to get some professional help, if we can, as of course, we are a ‘non-standard’ case. Can anyone recommend someone good? Much appreciated.


If you live near Cahors Bernard Cansanell Accountant on 0565226526 is good…Does anyone know the official exchange rate being used this year by the “impot” office that is the average pound/euro rate for 2010…Vin Collins

Thanks, I guess that is what SFN is all about!

Thank you so much for that. Shall get in touch with her.

Hi - Valerie is an SFN member - here is her profile and as Martin said, we have heard nothing but good - otherwise as SFN we would not recommend!!

Hi Sholu,
Some info here, French tax returns, but also a link to Start Business in France website, which is run by business advisor Valerie Lemiere. The site is aimed at Autoentrepreneurs, but I think Valerie can advise on other matters as well. I have heard nothing but praise for the advice that Valerie has given.

Thank you thank you thank you, that’s all great advice, I shall take heed!! I feel lot better now, having taxation uncertainties hanging over you makes me rather twitchy!

I used an accountant last year and she was very good, but that was before I found out that the local tax office will offer free advice.
Get all your figures together and head down to the office - you may need to make an appointment - they should help you complete the form.

Like Graham, I’ve never used an advisor either, been in different jobs here over the last 6 years, now freelance - any problems just speak to your local tax office direct - they love seeing people face to face but are useless at internet enquiries, phoning is a bit better but nothing beats face to face to explain everything.

Good luck!

If you download The Connexion newspaper there is a very good tax guide that can be obtained for about 9 Euros. I have been in France for 20 years and never used one so I decided to take a look. Very informative for first times and self- employed business users.