Are too many things being done in a buggers rush?

In a rush to get things done, is Shitty Patel putting the UK at risk by cutting corners?

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Apparently a criminal record is not an absolute bar to a career in the Police - well, you learn something new each day. :roll_eyes:

However, some crimes are an automatic bar so I am doubly surprised to see Avon and Somerset are employing individuals with burglary or assault on their “rap sheet”

See for details

There used to be an expression - set a thief to catch a thief. Is this taking it too far? Time was when recruits did have to show significant standards to be eligible - height, purportment etc but that doesn’t seem to apply these days sadly.

In my day a criminal conviction resulted in instant dismissal, and quite right too in my view.

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When was that?

72 to 99

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They’ll be employing “boy racers” to the traffic division before long on the basis of saving money on driver training.
The whole policing agenda has gone bonkers. I watched the Raoul Moat hunt program last night (July 2010) and just remember how ineffective the “temporary” Chief Constable Ms Sim was. Then she was promoted to the substantive rank FFS. I also remember the Met Commissioner Sir John Stevens as a comparison - a real “coppers copper”. IIRC, he was out in his car with his minders when he witnessed an assault taking place on a London street. He commanded the car to stop, got out (to the amazement of his armed minders) strutted across the road and arrested the offender single handedly on the spot! That’s the sort of example bobbies on the beat need from their senior officers - commanding respect across the ranks not a snivelling little rat faced tea leaf who can barely write their name just to make up the numbers.
No wonder people don’t respect the Police these days.

Yeah well, it woz the EU that made them employ all them paedos innit. Brussels rulin us and that.


It is no wonder that the attitude to the police is changing if all of this is true.
Having seen the appalling , one can only call it an attack, on the two black athletes, the other day, how can you respect people like that?

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The appalling attack as you put it was no such thing , the car windows were tinted so it was impossible to see who was in there, they drove at speed and on the wrong side of the road. When asked to stop they drove off. So far two investigations have found the police officers to be in the right

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How does that work? How do you ask the driver of a moving car, a driver you can’t see, to stop? And unless you have already stopped, how do you “drive away”?

And what did they do to warrant being ‘cuffed’ as they were in charge of a small child?

Something smells wrong.

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I think you are a bit out of date or at best cherry picking the news stories that suit your point of view.

Was that meant for me?

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And you have picked your stories to fit your viewpoint

No I just took a screenshot of the stories to show that it has moved in from the initial reports that you were referring to. Try it, it’s easy.

Positive advantage these days I would have thought. If the PM is a lying egotist why not the copper giving evidence?

I haven’t read any of that. Could you let me have your source pls.

BTW, tinted windows are pretty standard now.

Plus, from the video clip they seemed to know there were dragging a women out of the car who presented zero risk to them.

Nearly fifty years ago I was a junior guy working in Streatham for a black CFO. A more lovely man you could not meet. The only mistake poor old Winston (for that was his name) made was to be successful and drive a nice car. The white ('cause they were all white) cops in Brixton stopped him ALL the time. I think at that time the London police were racist, and freemasons. Now it seems there’re just racist. Well progress of a sort :slight_smile:

Not normally on the driver or front passenger windows only a very minimal tint is permitted. (this doesn’t mean however that people don’t get them tinted but they are not supposed to)

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I don’t know the % tint they had on those windows Mat, do you? Even if the tint was illegal, it’s a minor motoring offence, is that a reason to drag a woman out of the back of the car? I think the London police are underfunded and under resourced but they have not covered themselves in glory. Thin blue line.

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Apparently in UK not more than 25% tint is permitted for windscreen & 30% for front windows.

I once had the back windows tinted in a car and that was with 80% tint which is a fairly normal darkness (better security & cooler)

I do agree however the Met overstepped the line in this case.