Are we there yet?

I don’t think Earth bound fusion is necessary for that.

I agree that fusion has not acquired the stigma that current nuclear power has attracted, but it is far from benign

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Obviously we already use a little of that, but I’d like to see it moved off the surface, and to do that will need a lot of energy.

Another good clip on hydrogen :slightly_smiling_face:

It has some issues. First, although you could make hydrogen from renewable electric sources, it takes I think about 3 times the electricity to make enough hydrogen to power the car than if you used that same electricity in an electric car. So, not very efficient. Second, storage in the car is problematic. The volume of hydrogen gas needed is many times the volume of the equivalent fossil fuel, so it has to be compressed to at least 350 atmospheres to give a decent range. Other issues revolve around how you supply hydrogen safely at the filling station and how you make the car safe to be on the road, given the tank pressures involved.

There are some solutions to some of these issues, and research is ongoing so never say never.

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Quite a few of our factories in the US have used hydrogen forklifts since 2012 without any problems and are expanding their fleet this year, I know Coca Cola, Kimberly Clark and Fidex use them as well.

Ours were propane, I must be behind the times.
That said is it in ICE form or via a catalyst and electric as most EV versions are/were.

Fuel cell, there are quite a few manufacturers nowadays.

Yes, I called a catalyst, thats the process they call fuel cell.

Not many forklifts do 300+ miles without refueling :grin:. Probably not the same safety regime either. I suspect they run on low pressure fuel system which is much easier to handle and refuel. Fuel cells are great for fork lifts as you get the high torque from the electric motors. Still horribly inefficient though, and most hydrogen is still produced from fossil fuels.

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