Are you a secret tractor fan?

Being "the only garagiste in the village" I have been inveigled into joining "Les Amis des Tracteurs", a club for those who enjoy playing with old farm machines. I do actually have one - a 1974 Someca 450S - but it is for use around the garden when I have time. Perhaps it was because I also bought an old Japanese mini tractor to rebuild (also waiting its turn among the Renault fours. In the interest of entente cordiale I have joined & go to the occasional meetings.

This last weekend saw the club's annual randonne where the members take their tractors on a road run around the local villages, stopping for a nice lunch half way round & finishing back in Parcoul for a BBQ.

This year I opted to join everyone at the lunch break rather than spend a cool & wet day bouncing around on my orange machine but I did use my phone to video everyone driving off after refuelling with Duck & the odd sip of wine - just to keep the cold out, you understand.

Some of these tractors do work for a living still, & some are a work in progress but all are cared for like a family pet! At least four members are English.

Our big show is in Parcoul on the 17th - 18th August during the village fete.

Here is the video

Looks like a lot of fun!

I think it is great to have a "boy's toy" which is useful too!

I don't think they were ever connected, David. SF did build some Fergies.

It's a surprise to me to find so many closet tractor enthusiasts! They actually make quite a good collector's vehicle as there is not much in the way of bodywork to restore & most mechanical components are easy to get to. It is quite easy to get replacement parts for quite old machines from the local agricultural repair shop. I bought a 1959 Fordson Dexta a few years ago & needed new water hoses. I took the old ones to the local tractor dealers expecting to have to try to match them up with something. I was asked whether it was a Dexta or Super Dexta (I did not know there were others!) & they promptly produced a catalogue for the thing! The correct parts were ordered, arriving the next day. Parts for the grey Fergie & others can be bought online.

After restoration you also have a useful gardening tool.

Our 'neighbours' who are here for six weeks a year whilst slowly selfbuilding a house over 10 years (eight to go) and ourselves have bid for the man next door's tractor. It is a Fordson of whatever vintage but for us is a means to an end and some FUN. We get to look after it since we are here all year round and will even cut their field edges and so on. :-D


Like the Lantz at the beginning of the film, the colour and overall appearance reminds me of a Fordson. Are they by any chance related? Our neighbour is a tractor collector and enthusiast for the machines made by Société Francaise.

I suppose I should "vent" my anger...

I'm not keen on them any more so I guess that makes me an Ex Tractor fan................:D