Are you all looking forward to the extended weekend or

Are you looking for a row?

If the former is the case then do proceed, if the latter is your intention, you will receive short shrift from me.


Our extended weekend was the one just gone. I worked I’m not saying it was stressful but I stopped on the way home for red wine and a kebab


Sounds like a plan! X

Simple answer, yes. Every day is a weekend here. Weather warming up, time to open the pool, dust off the BBQ, spend a relaxing hour or two riding around in ever decreasing circles watching the grass cuttings fly from the ride on etc etc. Have a good one :sunglasses:


It’s always a bad sign if I hit the kebabs. It’s my equivalent of sitting in the corner rocking


Family of 5 turning up in gîte, and because of bad weather and last family leaving late we now have 48 hours to clean and prepare gîte and garden, revarnish front & back doors and install mosquito screens on the windows against the pyrale, and mend a velux window…last unbooked days before September so it has to be done.

So sure we’re looking forward to a long lazy weekend.


We have our first clients coming tomorrow, but all,is prepared except for the final, hoover, dust and the flowers.


Definitely - We are just leaving for our annual mini golf tour around what used to be Aquitaine. This year we are also hoping to spend some time visiting a couple of the beautiful chateaux and tasting some of the great wines in the Medoc and Pessac Leognan. We are also determined to get to Arcachon for a taste of the sea at one of their fabulous restaurants on Sunday.

Hope everyone enjoys a safe and pleasant extended weekend - we certainly intend to​:blush::blush::blush:

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Have now sold our complex of 3 gites with 10 acres.Hooray no more panic on a Saturday with a triple changeover. Retirement at last at age 71 !