Are you enjoying the weather? I love it, but it's maybe not for everyone?!

Very hot here at them moment in the SW, how are you coping?

Had a massive storm this morning, just made the humidity even worse.

Drinking beer makes it better :joy::joy::beer::beer::beer:


We deliberately moved to the mountains because of wanting 4 seasons, with a summer around 25 degrees. If we’d wanted heat we’d have moved the the south of france. So daytime 38 and nighttime 28 is horrible! I want my continental climate back.

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This year is too hot for comfort and I am hallucinating about snow. It is hardly ever this extreme but all the lovely sunshine is wasted as the high 40’s are simply too much.


Too hot for me. I mowed the lawn this afternoon, came indoors and left a puddle on the floor- sweat, in case you’re wondering…

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The storm this morning offered a brief respite, but before long it was back to what is becoming ‘the norm’. I am obsessively checking Meteo France at hourly intervals in the vain hope it will show a week of cool (er) temperatures and rain!!

Had to put off my grass cutting today Chris, the mere thought of the effort involved in this heat, (even on a ride on mower) filled me with dread.

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This heat makes working uncomfortable, a sign of things to come so we’re glad we’ve only got four more summers left before the wind-down begins.

Wonderful fresh morning here snd so it should be after being awake half the night with a huge thunderstorm and torrential rain.
At least we needed the rain and the pool has been topped up.

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For me, it is certainly a great excuse NOT to do boring things like housework - but it’s a shame to feel almost too debilitated to do those things I would really enjoy in slightly cooler conditions. :thinking::relaxed:

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I know this sounds lazy, but I am watching Wimbledon and dipping in and out of the pool.
I did dust and polish the salon whilst watching yesterday though and I always cook lunch before settling down.

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Not lazy at all, Jane - sounds idyllic.

I think you are very brave to be cooking in this heat.

Isn’t that what wimbledon and tour de france are for? Lazy summer afternoons…


Never, ever could cope with hot sun,.even worse with hot sand and jellyfishy sea, that so many humans love so much? I don’t understand that. I worked as a coffee bar lady in Bognor Butlins for weeks, circa 1959, and understood even less.
SO I manage my bit of planet, now, in the coolest, greenest ways I can think of.
I found a tiny slum, in a micro forest. Its the most beautiful place in the world, except for any places closer to my son and his family, in Japan.
Anywhere there is room for a tree, I plant a new one. Hope to find a blue banana and a kaki tree soon. Trees grow fast and gargantuan. A tiny non-weeping willow, is as thick as two men, after 7 years, I can’t see the top of it. There’s a small river making my garden an island. And a cliff. Both have room for more trees. The mairie, always concerned for safety, sends people to inspect me, and offer me water. I need to look after everyone. Put back all the trees, make everyone in town as cool as I am here.
Just fixed the pump!! This a.m I will pump enough of the river into containers for household use. (River water supply came with the house, there’s no water service).
Yeah. Wonderful, thank you!!. Very cool, happy as a cuckoo.
Everyone put your trees back!
My plan is, combined arts and fun park, its gradually moving on.



How are you enjoying these above-normal temperatures ?


Reading Jeanette’s posts makes me think she’s spent too much time in the sun.:grinning:

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Only spaghetti carbonara today. Not much to do with that.

:joy: Tim. I’ve read all the books about passive aggression/control and how not to be persuaded to act against own better judgement. One of the most popular ways to attempt to change minds, and it doesn’t work nearly so well in USA where its still fashionable to attend a zillion kinds of psych. therapy, is to say “you’re crazy!” In all the ways that can be said, which are multiple. In Britain, ‘having treatment’, being ‘nuts’, is still as damning as zero O-Levels. As Catherine wrote, you can use your block button. I won’t mind and I won’t be offended.

Would never block you or anyone Jeanette, I find your posts interesting if a bit wacky but it makes for a more rounded forum.

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Thank you Tim!
I am used to being disposed of! So I don’t mind anyway! I like attempting to communicate with weird folk. I draw the line at physical aggression, …not very good at punching people.