Are you hoarding old gadgets?

This got me thinking… certainly got 2 cameras and a broken video player that can go to the Tip… probably other stuff in the attics. Might organise a “treasure hunt” when it cools down a bit up there…

I’ve got a little meat mincer , had it 43 years and not used it in 30. I’m hoping, here in France I’ll have more reason to do so, I daydream about making Lincolnshire sausages.

Gracious, that takes me back…

Probably got one of those in the attics, too. Mother convinced me it was an essential kitchen tool but I never got around to using it. :thinking::grin::grin:

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Unfortunately a lot of electronic waste ends up in China where the “recycling” is typically carried out with little regard for environmental or human health.

I wonder what the percentages are nowadays. I thought China was no longer taking in the rubbish of the world…:thinking:

If this electronic stuff (components) is becoming rarer - I reckon countries will be vying to contain/maintain their own “hidden treasures”.

Mrs L says I’m hoarding an old gadget in my drawers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that it has banned plastic waste imports (officially at least), not sure about electronic waste.

However it looks as though the problem just moves around rather than disappearing…

I reckon countries will suddenly wake-up to where the “valuable” waste is going (if they are not recycling it themselves).

Where there’s muck there’s brass… :thinking::wink: