Are you in the Blue or Red Zone?

An interesting article from Rue 89 which shows the disparity of wealth in France and which mainly shows that most people earn nothing at all.

Where do you live? Have the neighbours still got outside loos? This data given by the Fisc based on gross revenues before rebates or allowances.

Red is poor. Blue is wealthy.

Cheers, Keith, and a very happy new year to you, too. And to everyone reading here.

Could've been worse. Just hoping it wasn't meant to be a reccie visit...

Blue, and feeling it after being burgled on New Year's Eve :-(

Most things come to those who want them.

A little imagination, desire and the need to survive is what you

need to make things work.

You just have to want them ....really want them.

How is the tobac doing? Ok?

The gite is that working for you Jane?

The farmers ....often poor...are happy.

All the decent restaurants in my region appear to be doing ok.

Doing ok is fine by me and seems to be what many French people

want to.

Each year I need to find a way of perfecting what I have in order to

make the concept more desirable and to extend my interest.

Just when you think that you have thought of everything you

stumble upon something new and exciting. Just exploring can

keep your spirits high.

Always look outside the, blue or purple.

Vic, by the way how good is that local restaurant?

exactly, Jane, no other reason ;-)

Which is why you have a tabac.

Sign of the times here. Last night at our local restaurants new year dinner we were amongst 16 diners. The year before there were 55.

Like Ben, a very light blue in a sea of red, same back in Decazeville where we used to live. our tabac is in very deep red in all senses jean jaur├Ęs' heartland and the hlm that housed all the miners are now used to house all the casos, roms et al.that no-one else wants! still they all smoke :-)

I'm a little blue oasis in a red dessert.....

Rouge, I believe my friend down the road is a 'millionaire', but that's because he sold a successful business to retire. Everybody else hangs on by fingernails...

I think that we are in blue, Burgundy, but try telling that to the peasant farmer next door!

Dans le rouge - in more ways than one!