Are you Moonstruck?

Nurses, police officers etc have always said anecdotally that the moon has an influence on people and their behaviour

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I have a friend who’s a mental health nurse and she says there is often an increase in patients or a worsening of symptoms around the time of a full moon. It’s a bit spooky really!

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With the police it tends to be the silly jobs and public order on full moon week

I always mind my Ps and Qs extra carefully around Mrs G when there’s a full moon.

And she’s a Scorpio too: the full moon augments the traditional scorpion’s well-attested malevolence towards its innocent prey. Scorpios don’t take prisoners…:crazy_face::laughing:

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They go loony? :ghost:

I started my nursing career in a Lunatic Asylum in 1955. The more serious cases were certified as Lunatics under the Lunacy Act of 1890, which was repealed only in 1959, to be replaced by the Mental Health Act.

But Certified Lunatics still under detention kept their loony status under the old Act nonetheless. Badge of Honour!

I expect it goes without saying that lunacy and lunatic derived from the Latin word luna, meaning moon.

There is a strong and widespread tradition of gardening by the moon in France, my next-door neighbour swears by it and I try to follow my Jardinez avec la Lune almanac as far as I can.

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Eccentric is the term I would use

@Pat1 would use the term eccentric

The cycles of the moon are certainly that!

The moon is by birth sign :zipper_mouth_face:

When I was placed for work experience, my tutor explained that he had carefully chosen each placement to best suit the student concerned.

Mmm… the whole class roared when he announced that I was going to the local “loony bin” for 2 weeks.

I should add, we were all mature students, at the end of our 2-year full time college course. (aimed at helping us re-enter the world of full-time employment.) :wink::wink:

I had a super time on work-experience, although I found it hard, sometimes, to distinguish between the staff and the patients. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::sunglasses:

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“…by birth sign” @Fran24

Dere’s a lot of bunged ub doses going round, try a benthol idhalation or a bug of warb bilk wid a drob of rub idit.


On old neighbour gave me a copy of his book “Jardinez avec la lune et le ciel”. Interesting stuff. I suspect your almanac is just as good. :hugs:

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There’s a new almanac published every year, as the lunar year doesn’t coincide with the solar year. Rather complicated but incredibly detailed and makes a good general read. Also links gardening with the many jours de fête (the saints’ days) which is also a strong tradition in these (Normand) parts.

My neighbour insisted we sow turnip seeds last weekend although the soil was dry as the Sahara, because “qui veut bon navet, le sème en juillet”.

Dicton for this week coming: “En août de l’aube au soir, on n’a qu’une heure pour s’asseoir” (sigh). They all rhyme! Heavy!

My book was written by Xavier Florin and he wrote a kind dedication inside…

Sadly, Xavier died a few years ago… but we all still talk about him, fondly.

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