Are you resident in France?

If you are British and resident then you should think about joining our PRIVATE Facebook group “After Brexit Brits living in the EU27” we don’t have all the answers but we will be very supportive.

I find that SF is very supportive too.




Seeing as I’m not on Facebook, nor do I intend to be anytime in the near future, other than what various Android apps, website, etc, leak or glean and report to FB’s personal data hoovering services, this seems highly unlikely, but nice try.


SF is a wonderful and supportive place.

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Very happy here, but thanks for the offer.


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But why?


Wow! Would you go to a party and ask people to come to your fabulous private party next door??? Seriously internet etiquette says that you don’t go poaching members from other groups!

FB group particularly private ones are awful for the internet as all the knowledge and resources behind the FB wall are lost, non reachable etc. Not only are threads / information unsearchable to the wider internet even the format is poorly designed for searching within, no searchability / organisation etc. Look up what (grrr sorry forget his name - was it Tim - help one of you techy guys!?) the guy who invented the internet as we know it says about it - totally against all the principles of the internet being free and open.

Perhaps you should consider joining here where we share freely our information and allow people who are searching for info online to be able to share the wisdom of our members.


No thanks. Don’t do FB. Never have, never will.

This place seems to be very welcoming and a mine of very helpful information.


Possibly the only person I dislike more than Boris Johnson is that lying shyster Mark Zuckerberg. Boris is screwing up the UK but Zuckerberg is screwing up the World.


That’s a very good question.
This is a wonderful group for all things French.
A group that has members who are resident in the 27 EU countries addresses very different issues. It enables people to contrast and compare those 27. It enables British people to not only learn about their adopted country but the other 26. The food, the administration practices, the places to visit and even learn a little more about the EU.
The admins of SF had no trouble with me posting before. In fact I have recommended this group as a great resource for all things French.
I should also add that we are totally non commercial.

The Admins of this group were happy before when my community was mentioned.
We are a private group as the bots and trolls are at the gates.
As for searchable knowledge base you are obviously not aware of TOPICS.
Our group have a large number of TOPICS quite a few more than 27 where a knowledge base is being built up. Fully accessible to all the members.

Yes, I recall that.
@james mentioned that if your FB group was non commercial you could comment it in SF. However, I’m not so sure he will be as much content about potentially poaching his membership :wink:

@Gfplux I agreed you could post a link in a previous thread, which you did. I’m not too happy about you starting a new topic dedicated to it.

It’s just poor etiquette.





I haven’t used FB for years so no I didn’t realise there were now topics. Even so my other points stand.

Of course!!!

I agree with all the comments on etiquette, etc - but I really don’t think there’s a danger of this Facebook group poaching SurviveFrancers. In my view (I hope Graham will accept this as constructive criticism - and others as honest advice) it is fundamentally flawed.

I joined it but, even though I rarely look at Facebook, I progressively muted it, found that whenever I looked in, it had little of interest, and finally left.

The problem is that the Facebook technology - apart from the obvious issues around trustworthiness, privacy, etc - is simply unsuited to the purpose when compared with the Discourse platform of Survive France.

The Facebook group membership is simply too diverse - meaning that the vast majority of posts are uninteresting - and the Topics feature is absolutely no substitute for the threaded discussions and real community experience of Survive France.

At the same time, the ‘Brits’ thing is too narrow, and smacks of the old ‘ex-pats’ rather than ‘immigrants’ division. Some of the most expert and interesting contributions here in SF come from French or other nationalities.

Then in terms of posting, the user experience in general is far better here than on Facebook - where you can’t even do


  • or this

My advice to Graham would be to forget the ‘Brits’ thing, and set up another platform better suited to the explicit purpose - eg. threaded by both country and topic - and ask the Facebook group members to migrate to that.


Unfortunately I think @Gfplux is a bit lacking on the internet etiquette front - I’ve just had a quick look on FB and he’s made a point of posting in various FB groups requesting that people come and join his (PRIVATE!!!) group.


For one horrible moment there Geof, until I re-read your post, I thought you were referencing me :grinning:
too many Grahams image

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Still pretty clunky. It is horrible to search. I joined FB for the driving licence group…once we finally get OH’s licence I will leave that group.

(Except have got addicted to trouver mon galet 39, so have been sucked i to the FB sewer. People (not all kids) leave decorated stones here and there which livens up our walks, finding one and moving it somewhere else)

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