Are you seeking a country property with space to breath

Are you seeking a country property with space to breath, great views of rolling hills and forests yet close enough to supermarkets bars and restaurants?
Or do you want to live on an estate (UK) with a small garden for the same money
I have for sale a property consisting of 3 bedrooms two bathrooms one being en-suite,
Large lounge with double doors out to the rear garden, windows front, and rear, views of the 1-acre orchard and views beyond. (two double radiators)
Large dining room with modern wood burner window to the lane where if a tractor passes twice, its busy! (two double radiators)
Kitchen with small boot store, leading to downstairs bathroom consisting of shower and full-size bath WC and sink, two windows to the garden, double doors to the garden and front window. Kitchen has all modern units and full work surfaces and double sinks. (1 double radiator)
Stairs from the dining room to landing and three very good double bedrooms one being the master with en-suite with full bath and shower over bath WC and sink. Master bedroom has built in wardrobes with window skylights front and rear. All with radiators.
Outside we have two kennels for three /4 dogs.

The property was rebuilt by French artisans just three years ago after a devastating fire so still benefits from guarantees given by the artisans who rebuilt it. It is fully central heated via oil, was rebuilt with current building regulations and insulation requirements, fully double glazed with electric roller shutters on all windows everything in the property was replaced brand new. ( Majority of everything else circa 200 years old)
If the house description has whetted your appetite the sale also includes,
1 A small cottage which needs restoring,
2 Attached stone barn almost three times the size of the house with three stables, (extra property living area) use your imagination.
3 Two extra Dutch type barns, various outbuildings, garage,
4 Small lake,
5 All set in 3 and a half acres of quiet countryside, including a small field suitable for small campsite or caravan site, totally away from the house but still on your land.
For lots more details of location and area, email me, private sale needed, Pictures will be sent to genuinely interested parties.

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Photos? links?

Only one as I am new to the site and as yet not able to post anymore, message me or email for pictures.

As they say the most important thing is Location, Location, Location. Apart from looking at your profile I can’t see any clue to where this property actually is. Have I missed something?

As the post says David, if anyone is genuinely interested I will send all details, though point taken on location David, we are in the pays da la Loire close to the town of Evron, the village is Asse le Berenger.


Without the location the price is irrelevant as regions vary by so much. It’s important to know.

Nice dog - can’t tell much about the house though.

Have you advertised the house anywhere else?

I don’t mean to be negative but I think you’re going about this the wrong way - just a text description and a “get in touch if you want more details” runs the risk of being rewarded by deafening silence.

I’m not looking for a house but if I were I would not be getting in touch, however lovely the description (and your place does sound nice) because first and foremost I want to look at the place to see if it piques my interest. If it does I’ll turn to the description for more information.

Also £320k is a lot of money - you’ll have a fair bit of competition at that price, especially with only three bedrooms. Brits are not buying so much at present because of Brexit worries, even though the French market has buoyed up a bit in the past 12 months.

If you look through past posts you will find some discussion and advice - figure out who you are trying to sell to and target that market. I believe rightmove has a French section if you wish to avoid estate agents but you really need to get it “out there” with pictures.


As and when the site lets me place more pics I will post them, one pic is all I am able to post as a new member!
I know all about the French market thanks and you are wrong. If people want to spend pennies on a property and spend thousands on then My property is not for them.
If people do not want to read my post then I am not pressuring anyone, It’s my post and priced at what I and several estate agents believe live it will realise.
If anyone reads the post and wants more details it clearly states interested parties to get in touch for more details.

Why is this being priced in £’s ?? just wondering…is this a typing error ??

Not at all Stella, it’s a UK website so I put the price on in £s

The one pic could have been of the house though, not the dog - unless you’re selling the dog, of course :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

Don’t forget to udate the thread when you sell, so that you don’t get a lot of enquiries from people who are going to be disappointed.

Ah… that explains the price then. Against a similar property in UK… this would probably seem like a bargain…:relaxed:

Well done Stella, someone who reads and understands.

Compared to a similar house in my area it would seem anything but a bargain.

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Then why keep answering , your not interested.

The pic trys to represent what you’re getting for the money with other buildings, not just the house, no the dog is not included.
When I can post more I will.

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You want the honest answer? Because I was trying to help someone who had posted a very poor advertisement. Without the location nobody could be genuinely interested and priced in pounds tells me that it’s overpriced, aimed at an absent market who are unaware of the local market.
Many pictures tell a thousand words, that one says 999 less, it says dog.

This is why so many people lose patience with this type of site, I will be deleting my self from the site. If this is trying to help then no thanks David Martin.

Alan… I think you would be better off using a UK site with folk looking to move to France from there… good luck.

Shame to be selling after having the whole thing rebuilt after that fire… but, that’s how things go I guess…

Thanks, Stella.

yes, I will be doing what you suggest, I thought that maybe there would be sensible people looking for property on the site, but it seems as with lots of this type of site too many busy body’s who think they know it all and try to antagonize people who post sensible posts.

I will be deleting my self from the site after encountering idiots.

Only selling to move to the Dordogne and something more manageable as we get older.