Are your local food markets alive & well - or dying?

There’s a wonderful basket stall at Issigeac, it has been going at least for the past 23 years, it is run by the amazingly aptly named madame and monsieur Pannier.
Edited to make clear that while they sell paniers with 1 n, their name is Pannier with 2 ns.


:rofl::joy::scream: so much effort on learning how to spell in French that I now obviously can’t spell in English! Although not being a cyclist I’m not sure I’ve really used pannier in English, although use un panier a lot in France…


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None necessary, I do it all the time when speaking, or trying to. My problem is struggling for the French, searching for the English to make the connection, and can’t remember that either. :roll_eyes:

Still, it might make a few people happy, me not speaking, some think I do too much of it. But what else have we got, at this end of the life spectrum. :rofl:

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