Aren't I clever

Cutting down on the words on this post. Just pictures not for sale, ![](upload://6qOkReB02CqmYfD82vE6kJTwxlv.jpg)![](upload://1yZVcWwtoc4ibdRBEQQC7IuoHJi.jpg)![](upload://h6uPhu8hzA9X5HzGBbE8blfu1NG.jpg)![](upload://vsw6iFM7wvYv3Vree3vOz5gXxNn.jpg)![](upload://dpgZXQL8bqzp1ApZ041NQf5VIdF.jpg)![](upload://ayJFMwsXeQAGiMkekIBdXTuabI0.jpg)![](upload://wgdVqdDRe53v89fDAaGbQ1bJgUN.jpg)![](upload://87NPJ8vhGushVKIKP4y5TSINJFr.jpg)![](upload://hJdlCODUADEhKUFraSs2F0RtP0t.jpg)![](upload://cJW2f68ZH3FQCoMcUWXkIoqM4bM.jpg)![](upload://3pfHHKfL3r7gRMLz4BehlsYMZ1e.jpg)![](upload://tmIgDQPzMH3WdUZ5Ad8GqU9Lbb7.jpg)![](upload://y5RAzEvGOuAa3f48Ywe5ocw3Sdb.jpg)![](upload://gwkdyiiBan57dcurlNquM5OaRko.jpg)![](upload://fv2OFurU7EPFUblWUjbEfCOh9mc.jpg)![](upload://mdsCMKQU98RjqfdfNNshEeam2EH.jpg)![](upload://jiegqp9sLFafoEgx2dIaZHhDE5z.jpg)![](upload://h0dijLGPK9r2zowzSWDithicJxT.jpg)![](upload://scZkIMnus96EzGlqg1vigoDq9ae.jpg)![](upload://qKvK18CRU0t3nh3XlSeOV3ZfAP3.jpg)![](upload://76Yf0wCHyOZUTEzKg8GBLnvnVkn.jpg)![](upload://eDQ49R6bfXXq59NNM35MiVIOqfV.jpg)![](upload://oE6DCnLcPeY0M2hIz0wusVv2ERi.jpg)Just for looking

He He....I know what you mean Stuart

Your comment has cheered me up no end. It could have been 'not as clever as you think you are ' lol

The designs I have posted are all 'losers' in online design competitions, I've entered a thousand in 12 months and won a taxable 988 US Dollars! Thats' about 50 p a pop. I won't get rich that's for sure, but you do compete against several hundred talented kids from all over. Its more for the fun and challenge. I use an APP called inkscape, free to use, and is cross platform. You can do a design in half an hour, where as years ago that may have been a days work with an airbrush. You can download it from anywhere, give it a go?

I originally wanted to be a commercial artist. Now I'm just a p#ss artist, according to my wife :D

I'll change it to 'smart a.....'

Ha Ha ... thanks Stuart...just trying to grab attention

Yes you are.