A tennis buddy has a house in Gumont and her elderly neighbor has been feeding strays. My friend found an association, ARGENTAT SOS CHATS, to get involved with sterilisation. I sent bags of kiblettes down with my friend this weekend for her neighbor.

I also spoke with Mme Arlette Vialette on the phone today. She is the association president and the only one working in the field. There are 43 members in the association, but she does all the work. The closest SPA in Tulle keeps refering people that need help to her. The association is only a year a half old. She gets "bons" from B. Bardot and 30 Million des Amis for sterilisation, but that is just a drop in the bucket.

Mme Vialette needs help. She is overwhelmed in a context where the citizens are not very enlighted. Anyone live down there or have animal loving friends in the area? They need help (money, food, man and womanpower).


6 rue des Genets

19400 Argentat

That's great Alison, you'll be in a beautiful part of France. What kind of business will you have?

I think Mme Vialette will be very grateful for any kind of moral support or hands-on help. I get the feeling she's on her own, and that is hard. I could not be active and cheerful without a network of like-minded folks (thanks always to Lynn).