Argentina’s New President Is An Anarcho-Capitalist

Things might be getting a little spicy in Buenos Aries soon.

Devastated when I saw yet another right wing freak has been voted in :sob:


Looks and sounds a complete nutter !

With a massive majority. Not that I agree with policies (aside from support for Ukraine) but we must accept that the people have spoken.

A graduate of the Bojo charm school by the sounds of it, just as mad and deluded from what I have read so far. People voted for BJ because he was “different” and look what happened, same will end up here with this one.

I see he has been doing some sabre rattling about the Falklands :roll_eyes: good luck with that as their navy is virtually non existent as an operating force mostly confined to port and even there they had one roll over on its side, plus the airforce hasn’t had a front line attack plane since 2015, so that will be a no as well :wink:.

“…their navy is virtually non existent as an operating force…” And the Royal Navy’s resources…? Doubt if we’d get the Falklands back today.

The UK navy is 1000x better than the Argentine one, we still have some of the most advanced ships in the world & aircraft carriers, don’t kid yourself about the Royal Navy :wink:
The Argentine navy only has the budget for 60 days sailing from port this year if they can muster working ships :roll_eyes:
41 commissioned ships in their navy, including 4 destroyers, 2 amphibious support ships and 2 submarines (though both boats were non-operational) 23 active vessels.
Royal navy.
70 commissioned ships
Twenty-one are major surface combatants, two aircraft carriers, six guided missile destroyers, eleven frigates and two amphibious transport docks, ten nuclear-powered submarines, nine mine countermeasures vessels and twenty-six patrol vessels plus the auxiliary fleet.
As for air forces, just don’t go there :laughing:

Yes and frequently they talk bollocks :roll_eyes:


More tea vicar ?

U.K. PLC wouldn’t have to repeat 1982 as there’s a Type 45 missile destroyer permanently on station there and a squadron of Typhoons.

The Type 45 alone can make the first 48 airborne things it doesn’t like disappear without reloading and Argentina doesn’t have anything that comes even close to an RAF Typhoon.


Let’s just hope everything works when and if the time comes🤔

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Update on the disposition of the fleet here: The Status of the British Fleet

According to the Independent (admittedly over a year ago) there were 4 Typhoons deployed in the Falklands. No Type 45 destroyer, but HMS Forth, an offshore patrol vessel (for which HMS Medway substituted for several months, which deloyment has only recently finished).

Argentinian massive underfunding and cuts caused this.

Looks like 2 Booties on a pedalo would seem ‘em off then.

Funny how all these ultra right politicians seem to opt for eccentric hair styles, this one looks like a throwback to a minor 1970s Las Vegas crooner.


And now the Dutch have fallen for another wacko haircut - this one’s out-Heseltined Tarzan’s barnet


I haven’t seen Harry Enfield for a while, I never knew he was in politics :wink::yum:



Like that Michael Fabrication.