Armchairs wanted

I have exhausted all the furniture shops within my area and beyond, looking for a couple of armchairs, so before I consider the UK I wondered if any SF’s might be thinking of selling any? A pouffe would be a bonus!
24100 happy to travel.

Ive sent you a DM Lily…

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And leboncoin, and nearby recoup outlets? Also can stick a note up in local boulangerie.

After that there are chains like Maison du Monde, and similar. Loads and loads of them that have very similar stuff to UK shops.

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I have 2 Ikea Ektorp armchairs that I’m considering selling . Cream / off white with a slight jacquard pattern. We are quite close I think? If you are interested let me know and I’ll get some pics / ask the man shape if he is OK with me doing so! Have trailer so could possibly deliver as well.

ETA have pouffe that matches in style but with a different colour cover. All are replacable at Ikea and they are now doing postage.

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