Arriving from China with Pets

Our family will move to France with our two dogs later this month. We’re not arriving from an EU country, but will fly into Paris CDG. Does anyone know the procedure to reclaim the (presumably unhappy) doggies and take them through the required paperwork checks etc? Any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Check the rules for pets arriving in France from other countries, especially the list of compulsory vaccinations which varies from country to country.
There should be a specific embarkation process if they are going in the hold and a correspondingly specific pick-up process as well.
You could ask at the French Embassy or Consulate for the import requirements and the airline should be able to tell you exactly what to expect at the airports.
I brought my cat and her 5 kittens back from Syria but that was years ago and they came in the cabin, so I just took them through the red customs channel, working on the principle that they should be declared, no problem at all.

Thank you very much, our pet exporters seem to have all in place as regards shots and airline requirements, so hopefully we’ll be good. Will have a look at the consular website and the airport website too. Hopefully we’ll have a smooth landing!