Art Courses in the south west of France

Hi Barbara! I am the troublemaker who sent out the email to all the registered members in this group. Making time for your art, in my humble opinion, is critical. There is a book called, Making Room for Making Art: A Thoughtful and Practical Guide to Bringing the Pleasure of Artistic Expression Back into Your Life by Sally Warner. It is available from Amazon. It has useful advice about time management and encourages creatives to produce their work as we have gifts that should be shared. Although I have been a professional artist my entire life, I have let issues with other parts of my life take up my precious time over the years. However, in the end, art is my life. I am nearly 64 and refuse to let outside problems deter me from making my art anymore. I have given up many things to focus on my art. Fortunately, I have a 21 year old daughter who is encouraging me to follow my dreams, just as she is preparing to follow hers.

In exactly the same position. Life is getting in the way.

Thanks and yes, I'm enjoying painting and illustrating when I can get the time. I've a million ideas but soo little time! Anything new to post?

Received an email that lamented the lack of activity on the site and must admit I haven't looked at it in years. But have now followed your link to your website and enjoyed your playful style of paintings, looks like you are enjoying your work.