Art on French TV

Are there any art/painting programmes on French TV? I watch La Maison France 5 which is good for architecture and design. There have been some brilliant craftsmen and women featured.

So much money, so little taste! The programme is a bit Paris-centric with regard to the apartments but it visits places all over France and it's ex colonies.

There aren't any art or painting programmes.On Arte they have the occasional film,a while back they showed the Van Gogh film with Kirk Douglas,it seemed very close to the artists life and there was a documentary after.The only thing that didn't ring true was Douglas's perfect white teeth....and he did a lot of grimacing.I would have liked to have seen the BBC painting challenge you wrote about before,but I don't get BBC.

I watch La maison France 5 occasionally,there are some excellent craftsmen shown but I always end up feeling sick seeing the fantastic houses people live in,what you can do with money! I think if there were any art programmes they'd be shown on Sunday afternoon or such like,as it wouldn't appeal to the masses.