'Artisan' Old Wives Tale?


I'm trying to track down the truth behind a much retold story that artisans can sell at 2 'marches' (de nuit, noel, etc) per year without being registered. Has anyone else heard this? If so, is there anywhere I can get a transcript from? I've search the net and can't find anything; I've also called the URSSAF and they were quite clear that in order to trade, you HAD to have a registration (but then I guess they would, wouldn't they;)).

I would love to get to the bottom of this, and if not, maybe we could just add a few other wives tales you've come across....!

Thanks Lynda

Thanks Claire,

I had heard that there were more checks going on, and there was a recent article in the paper about the Haute Garonne being one of the worst places for fraud..hmm! This does seem to be a good basis of the rumour, but having heard it for years, I just kind of accepted it as a 'maybe'.

Have you heard the other one about being allowed to earn up to (about) €2700 before you have to pay tax? Yes! Income tax, but if you are running a business, you need to be registered...ahhh!


This is a mix up , what you are allowed to do is sell you own used goods so a Vide Grenier situation but not more than twice a year most organisers of vides get you to sign a declaration that you haven't participated in more than 2 per year.

If you want to sell on a normal day market you will have to show your papers. Night markets usualy have a dossier of inscription most of which require your Kibis or your extrait de registre des metiers. Some very small markets , noel etc, do seem to waive the dossier for people they know and want at their expo/ market. I don't know how that would stack up if the inspectors came calling tho' and they seem to be doing that more frequently of late. Even at the Maison ede Gascogne marché de Noel in Auch I was inspected by the fraudes and the URSSAF last December.
I am sure this is a side rumour based on the vide grenier rule. Saying that you could sell your products at a vide twice a year if you think your product suitable . mine doesn't go too well at most vides as I make reversible children's clothes, so too many second hand cheap clothes for sale to interest people in my prices.

hope that helps clear up the mystery.