Artists working in the lot

I have been living and 'building' for the last three years in the Lot and am just now able to find the time to work in my new studio, painting and working with clay. I feel rather isolated and would like contact with other artists working near me ( outside Cahors) .

Hi Susan, I live just outside Villefranche de Rouergue and we go to Cahors about twice a year (to stock up on wine). I paint in oil (sometimes in watercolour) and my partner is a sculptor. Where exactly are you?

earlier reply didnt seem to function so... Thanks for your reply. I am not far away so might well be interested in a course or just meeting for arty chat, exchange. Do you have a web site with info.?

My website is you may be interested to see my work so far. as you can see a variety of syles and media oincluding Raku. hope to hear from you.

We live near Douelle on the south bank of the Lot about 10 mins SW of Cahors. I'd be very happy to give your our phone no. 0565 22 55 71....tea is always available!

Dear Susan,
We live in Grezels on the Lot River about 35klm from Cahors, not sure where you are based, whilst we are not artists we would be happy to drop in and say hi and would love to see your work
Peter & Dace

Sound interesting. I work in water colour and clay at the moment....was selling in Devon & cornwall UK before I moved 3 years ago and after months and months of work on our house now have time to get back to work in my studio. I feel a bit cut off and isolated and would love to start meeting some other to work together....may be workshopping, share models etc. What do you think? I am happy to give you my e-mail or come and find you...

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I live near to Cazals & we run painting holidays & weekly art classes here & paint myself so we may have things in common.Ifbyou want to get in touch you can let us know Via this forum .

Regards Susie