Please help

We have found our prefect house in france to renovate however half the roof is covered with asbestos sheeting, Question can we remove it ourselves or do we have to get a company in to do it.

Its about 50m2 has anyone been down this route and know the cost ?

Thanks in advance for any replies

The starting point is your mairie if there is any doubt. They will have all the details you require for people to look at it, remove it and check the house again if necessary. We have a roof that is cracking and gradually must be replaced and have found the mairie very helpful. The details Andrew has put up are useful too. Bear one thing in mind, it is not cheap, so the longer you can wait...

The diagnostic will just tell you if there is amiante present, if the amiante is sound and no danger then there's no requirement to remove it (sound corregated sheets etc.), if you do want to remove it then it needs to be done by a specialised company, more details here.

Before you buy the house the vendor is required to provide reports on various conditions and asbestos is one of them. If it is found I believe the report will require it to be removed and by a qualified professional. At the very least you should get estimates for its removal and use them as bargaining chips. It may also require re-inspection within a specified time limit. This could get tricky - go carefully