Help!! I am in dept 82 near Agen and I need to change my garage roof from asbestos sheeting to something more in keeping. I have approached traders and dechetterrie managers locally who throw their hands up in panic and give no suggestions. I enquired at our Hotel de Ville but they can't help either. Does anyone know where we can dispose of it please?

Colin Granville

Lamagistere 82360

Hi Steve and thanks for the reply. I have a friend in dept 47 who went to his local dechetterie and enquired how to dispose of a small amount. They said wrap it carefully with cling film, bag it and tie it and take it to them. He did theis and went back, they removed the 'packaging' threw it into a skip and then jumped on it to break it up. Unfortuantely this is our of my department and I have about 20 sq metres to dispose of.

Hi Colin
I have done a small article on my blog about this. There is also a link to my website with a list of companies that perform this kind of work. Unfortunately I have only been able to find large companies so far and any one who does asbestos removal can be added to the list free of charge.

Apparently many people have dug a large hole and buried it in the past, totally against the law and I think the French authorities are a lot hotter on this sort of action now.

I wonder how the removal companies dispose of it! probably a large hole in the ground anyway. But at least they use protective clothing and masks when removing it, as it is the fine dust particles that can cause long term illness.

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