Asian Hornet

Hi all,
We seem to be on top of our Asian Hornet problem this year, by starting early with our traps we managed to get a good few Queens. Now we have a few Asian and one European on one of our Peach Trees, this one in particular has Greenfly and the others do not but they aren’t eating the Greenfly they are just sort of licking the leaves on the opposite side to the Greenfly! At least that’s what my poor eyesight sees. Anyone got any ideas as to what’s going on with them.

If you actually have Asian hornets, you should report them to the mairie who will initiate the necessary action to have them eliminated. They are a foreign invader and a threat to native species.



if it is possible NOT to harm the European hornet… that would be wonderful. :relaxed: :relaxed:

Funny you mention that, the Mayor (new Mayor now) owns the fields surrounding our house and there is a Pear tree Adjoining our garden that was covered in Ivy and of course the Hornets were after the Bees who were visiting the Ivy following this they were feasting on the Pears that had fallen to the ground, this Pear tree is huge and fully mature so an awful lot of fruit was being shed constantly throughout the day and night. After spending more time than I liked picking up Pears with a Asian Hornet dining on it I went to see the Mayor to explain the problem. We have a young toddler with us who is always in the garden plus a fruit loving dog and we when not killing ourselves in the House or Garden like to sit outside etc etc. He is an extremely pleasant man and very approachable but this Asian Hornet thing turned into a fiasco with him coming up to the tree with a Tractor and bashing the tree making the fruit fall off and then running over them backwards and forwards crushing them which made it easier for every Asian Hornet in the area to home in on within minutes, the Mayor couldn’t decide whether to stay in the cab with a few Asian Hornets buzzing about or chance his luck outside with the Million or so (slight exaggeration) that he had attracted by supplying them all with a giant smoothie. We were watching all this from the safety of our lounge windows and yes it was hilarious. It ended well with him returning with a friend the next day whom he introduced to us as an expert to cut the Ivy from the low part of the tree. Incidentally his wife was telling us how lovely the juice from the Pears was but declined my invitation to her to come pick them up from our garden 15 times a day.
Long story but that’s my experience with telling the Mayor, maybe I should have spoke to him whilst he was wearing his Mayors hat😜

Hi Stella,
We do our best not to harm anything unless it’s a last resort but unfortunately the European one has to take its chances with the Asian and whilst that sounds heartless so far we haven’t in two years caught any European ones in our traps.

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Perhaps you should have asked him what he intended to do first.
Then told him to forget it and get in touch with the local beekepers instead.
No good trying to frighten them away, they must be extermina-a-ated!

Of course in hindsight I should have asked but I would have missed the performance if I had.
There isn’t a nest around that we know of as we keep a sharp eye out for them having a 4 year old playing in the garden plus a dog. I believe about 8 people die from Asian Hornets in France each year, I think they are on par with the annual Chaise accidental deaths, I’m only glad the hunters can’t fly.

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What a lunatic!