Assoc AG during pandemic

Our village Association usually holds the AG in November. The committee advised all members that owing to Covid rules it would have to be postponed until early December, but now even then seems unsuitable. How are other small French Assocs handling this? Has anyone consulted the Préfecture (or should it be the Sous-Préfecture?) with which the Assoc is registered and to which it makes its annual report? Our quandry is that our Constitution document says we have to have an AG but Covid rules prohibit such an assembly. Can we just skip this year? We are having committee meetings via Zoom, but an online AG is not practical and would exclude too many non-techie members.

I know that our Prefecture (Perigueux) has been very helpful in similar circumstances.

I think the Prefecture can issue a permission to waive until next year… or until it becomes possible to hold the AG safely and within the guidelines… something like that.

You won’t be the first person asking them for this …

Our bike club has cancelled too, for the moment, talk of sending the financial report to each member and doing everything by email (there are only 50 or so of us)

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Our Car Club has been in touch with Prefecture and the FFVE and the whole world it would seem… :rofl: :rofl:

We hope to have the AG in the New Year/Spring… sometime/never … December 2020 is just not on the cards… :wink:

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Our photo club is doing their AGM via Zoom. That’s how they’ve been keeping the club going all this year. Not so easy I guess if you are a car or a bike club! :slight_smile:

We did our AMAP AGM with a few people in the room and the rest via Zoom - but this was back in the summer when it was semi-lockdown, so probably zoom only now!

We do all our CA online now, the only colleagues there in person are the ones without the wherewithal to be online.

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Our professional association experimented with online AGM and voting of resolutions, approving of accounts and the like last year. The success of it was so convincing that we repeated it this year during lockdown, and we’re currently preparing elections for our new bureau, president and VP positions, via the same technology.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Our committee is practicing using Zoom, and we only have a couple of members who don’t use computers, but it will mean that the AG is more of a presentation than a meeting. Zoom is fine if everyone knows how to use it properly but a bit daunting for those with no experience at all. This year, however, we will hold the meeting to comply with our constitution and we can make important decisions when we can all get together once more.

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Had a final missive this week:

After deep discussions with the Prefecture… we have their blessing to delay our AG from early December to 14th February next year …