At last; the Royals in a good light

I knew you would say that Bruce, really did!

I'll have to come clean........I've been fighting for the restoration of the Stuarts for years now, to no avail, just deaf ears, so all this talk makes me SO UPSET.

Then, Catharine, I stand chastised and, to show my remorse, throw this in for the consideration of all Republicans, and others of course:!


Tim - we've always had a policy of debating anything and everything on SFN - just like at any good dinner party!

But surely a bit of healthy debate can help one survive in France, Tim? We’ve had a lot of off subject discussion that has been very interesting, nevertheless.


Sincere apologies Brian, it was indeed intended for Bruce. I have no idea how it popped into the wrong box. Really didn't mean to draw you in. Perhaps special branch diverted it as I clicked?

How was I drawn into this Tim? I am a republican, which I have expressed often enough and I assure you Windsor made part of my time as a student fairly unpleasant. I did not appreciate being fleeced by special branch officers when I went to see my tutor. If you meant Bruce, then please feel free to correct yourself.

Survive France Network, Brian.

Why not, Tim?

Me too

Made me chuckle.

Bruce, I don't think this is the right place to start a discussion about the pro's and con's of the monarchy. Not a suitable place at all.

Ah, but is it rubbish and tosh 'cos it is rubbish and tosh, or, maybe 'cos you’re both royalists?

Heh, not one shot of Europe's thickest man! Charlie Windsor did not get a look in anywhere. About the only thing of any praise I have to say about this show of money leeches.

Well, after ages of inbreeding the royal houses of Europe have found a way to escape from the inevitable demise, marrying a commoner... (it does give some extreme morning sickness but then again, it's a small price to pay..)

What a load of tosh.