Attestation de Droits (Amèlie)

My wife and and I are both elderly and retired. We received Attestation de Droits subsequent to providing S1 forms in 2016,and these were (it seems) renewed annually on the date of first issue up to and including 05/2018 but not since.
The last attestation therefore expired in May 2019. We’ve had no problems accessing services, presenting our Cartes Vitales.

The attestation letters arrived in the post.

In view of the doubts and uncertainties surrounding our post-31/12/2020 eligibility for State-supported health-care provision, what can I do to update or refresh my/our attestations? It seems this was done without our having to be iinvolved until recently. Am I correct in this assumption? Should I instigate further action in the matter, and if so where and to whom?

I have a DMP account but find it less than scrutable and very impoverished when it comes to my medical records which are non-existent save for prescription levies and payments. No access to the Attestation de Droits.

Any advice will be welcome.

Peter… if you visit your Pharmacy and ask him/her to “mis a jour” your Carte Vitale… you can ask them to check what date the Attestation runs to… they will be able to check it on their computer…

I know this, 'cos my friendly Pharmacist did it for me last week… and was concerned/astonished that my Attestationd showed an “end date” of 31/12/20.

Hopefully… your Attestation will be OK…

To actually print out an Attestation… you need an account with Ameli … or you can simply ask CPAM to send you one… maybe ask your Pharmacist for advice…

best of luck

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The pharmcists locally are very friendly. At my first visit in 2015 the pharmacist (it was a he) gave me a quite expensive bottle of eau de toilette (lui/elle) as a gift. The staff often pop a little cadeau (à bag of bonbons recently) in the bag of prescription items, without comment or advertisement, and I often wonder if this is one of those little French touches that make living here so charming. Or just a local thing.

I will take your always ready and reliable advice, Stella, for which thanks, and à virtual bisous :kissing_heart:

Hi Peter, happily I don’t have that concern, but would echo other comments re. using the pharmacy as a conduit for almost all things administratively medical. They are far more directly tied to the Health Service here than say Boots in the UK. If they can’t do it they will always direct you to the right source who can.
As an example when I was bound in my rigid corset and unable to lie down to sleep, our Pharmacist both sourced and got a trial hospital bed for me, and when this proved unsatisfactory finally found and supplied and set up the medical adjustable chair which saved my sanity. These are retail items costing about €800 and I only paid €100 for the whole process.
My wife is not here for the moment so I can’t ask her which Department of the Social Services covers this, but believe they are generally close to the Prefecture, but that may differ according to where you are.
You appear to have very good French which will be useful.

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