Aubergine and Lentil Curry by Suzie Blackman

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

Abergine & Lentil Curry.

This one was off the top of my head last Monday when I suddenly went from 3 for dinner to 9!

Again I’m not good at giving quantities




Fresh Ginger Goodly sized piece

Ground Tumeric (1 tspn-ish)

Ground Cumin (half tspn-ish)

Curry Powder (1 tspn-ish)


Cornflour (1 dsrtspn-ish)


Loads of Black Pepper

2 - 3 knobs of brown sugar

Tin of Puy Lentils


Chop & fry Onions in the oil, add : crushed garlic, finely chopped ginger - cook off for a few mins.

Add all the spices and seasonings and cook off.

Put these aside in a dish to add back to the pan later.

Bit more oil in the pan and add chunked Aubergines and cook through.

Coat with the cornflour and cook a bit.

Add the Onion, garlic, ginger mix followed by the lentils and enough water and the sugar to make up the sauce.

This worked well as an accompaniment but guess it could be the star

turn in a veggie meal with perhaps the addition of another texture

potatoes perhaps???