We ordered a new washing machine from 3 weeks ago with a delivery date 12 May. After giving us 3 alternative dates, necessitating staying in all day, none of which materialized we finally received it on Saturday, Just dumped it and left without taking away the old one. Is this normal service to be expected from Auchan on line!

We still aren’t in normal times, take it up with them.

I wouldn’t know, so many of these things seem to depend upon the individual delivery people and whether they are running beyond their schedule.
We always use Darty, but someone else on SF has had a problem with them as well.
Do you have it in the contract that they are to take away the old machine. If you do, I would get in touch with their Service Apres Vente.


I agree with @Jane_Williamson
Darty are a much better service and they will install foc as part of their service and take away the old appliance - but generally only if you specify it at the time placing the order as was the case with us with our old FF as we had someone interested in buying it.
The same applies to most goods ordered on line; there is no expectation to install or take away the old unless it is specified when placing the order…
So who is at fault here? I hazard a guess it is maybe not the merchant :thinking:

I fully appreciate that we are in strange times. Problem was that we told them that we have no mobile signal chez nous and that they would have to telephone us on our fixed line, should they need to contact us. After the first failed attempt to deliver, we phoned Auchan (40 minutes wait listening to the most bizarre techno music designed to wind you up)
We were told that the delivery driver texted us several times. Told them again that we have no mobile signal, he has to phone us on the landline. This happened no less than 4 times over the following 2 weeks. Every time the muppet van driver tried to text us on the landline. He eventually arrived in the next village and was very arrogant saying that he was definately in our village which he was not. I sent them an email to complain but no response!,

Well, you know where not to buy from next time then so some positivity there…

My experience is buy local this France they are famous for having bad customer service

Not in our experience. That said, some elements of the British expat community are famous for shouting at shop assistants whom they sometimes treat with less than the expected civility.
As I said earlier in the thread, a smile and the mandatory “bonjour” goes a long way to keeping customer service at a sane level.
Nothing wrong with “fighting your corner” but a raised voice and disrespect signals that you have lost the plot and occupy the lower ground.

I think you’ve hit on the difference between “British Expats” and “Immigrants”… :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: :joy:

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How funny that you say that yesterday I was buying a new barbecue and there was only one person working in the store and a English couple came in and they where doing exactly what you said for 30 minutes so I had wait to theme screaming until I cold pay and live I felt really sorry for the ten age girl in the till so when it was my turn I tipped her a 10 euro and explained to her that I was not English

I really do not know where you all find these ‘rude ex pat brits’ I have lived and worked in North Dordogne for 15 years and most brits I come across in shops etc are very polite. There are exceptions of course but not that many. Perhaps this is Brit bashing season!!