Audiovisual Tax


I have a 2nd home in the Limousin.

I have a TV aerial but have cut off the Cables and do not intend to use the TV other than to watch DVD's.

Do I still have to pay this tax

Any advice welcome

Many thanks


Many thanks I’ll pop in the local Finance Office later this month & try out my french( see if the GCSE studies are paying off!) and speak to them

Technically if your television is capable of receiving a signal you must pay the tax.

The only person I know who got around it had a small dvd player with screen and watched Tv via catch up on a computer.

If you don't have a licence/ tax they are more likely to come and visit you. I am inspected often for not paying the tax on professional basis since I rent out mobile homes. The inspector visits to see inside each mobile home to check I don't provide Televisions. about every other year on average. One year she commented that I had too be careful to close the door between the house and the accueil as people could see our household television whilst in the office, this despite the fact the Television wasn't on and was some 14 metres away facing sideways onto her!!!!

You would have to get something in writing I think to say you were exempt

Dave, we went through this some years ago. We sent them a letter informing them that we only received satellite and had never used the arial. This year, after 6 years, they have taken off the audiovisual from our tax.