Australian Federal Election vs SFR

Hi All,

After our little holiday in Spain, we've returned to Mazamet and we are in a Gite for a short time between houses. The Australian election has been called and we don't have internet.

Yes, our Gite has the dreaded SFR Neufbox (ADSL) and our two computers, one ipad, one iphone and two Galaxy phones won't log into it. The agents have been very helpful, but they are clearly out of their depth with internet, and my trawling of the www reveals that Neufboxes are notoriously difficult and SFR are utterly hopeless when it comes to assistance.

This is particularly frustrating for me with a history in IT in Australia, and to be obstructed by the triangular relationship betwen SFR, the Gite agent and myself, which appears to prevent progress towards a solution.

So, has anyone else stumbled upon a solution to this situation?



I guess that those devices you mention are all attempting to access the Neufbox via WiFi?

Or is at least one computer (a desktop/laptop PC or Mac) connected via a network cable?

There are four key areas that need to be checked (aside from power and connectivity):

1) The Neufbox is connecting to the ADSL service (an ADSL light is lit) - your phone line is ok.

2) The Neufbox is connecting to the Internet (Internet @ light is lit) - it has the correct SFR ADSL credentials.

3) The local network is configured correctly, e.g. DHCP server.

4) The WiFi is configured correctly - either it is open (no password), or the security/encryption credentials are common to Neufbox and connecting devices.

Given 1 & 2, I'd try connecting a computer to the Neufbox via a network cable, and attempt to access the Neufbox's configuration page via a web browser. Which depends upon its address, e.g. or Although these days, Orange and SFR seem to be persuading customers to use their online facilities for remote configuration.

Once you can reach a configuration screen, then you can investigate further, e.g. perhaps the wifi credentials have been reset.

An alternative approach (assuming 1&2 above), is to attempt to connect a wifi device to the Neufbox using the WPS button.

This requires that the wifi device has an option to 'connect via WPS' (or pairing, EZConnect, etc.), which, once selected, gives you half a minute or so to press the WPS button on the Neufbox, and consequently should provide Internet access.


Thanks for the answers so far, but unfortunately no use, as none of our appliances use an Ethernet connection, the neufbox is working otherwise, with TV coming in OK and the ADSL synch light always green, and of course there is no WPS button to push. This morning I went to our local SFR shop and they told me that the only solution is for the proprietor of the service to come here and ring 1023. At least he is fluent in French, but he is currently somewhere in Spain, and is convinced that the problem is ours. More soon.


Can you obtain the model number of the Neufbox, as it may then be possible to look the model up on the web to find out if it has a WPS button, and where it is if so - it's not always obvious.

Given the Neufbox is providing TV, that indicates that the ADSL credentials are fine. So, it's probably a WiFi configuration issue.

Have you EVER had any device connect to the Neufbox via wifi (have the agents?). Perhaps it's possible the previous guests changed the Neufbox WiFi password? Alternatively there could be a typographical confusion regarding the WiFi password, e.g. whether a 1 is an l, or an O is a 0, etc.

Believe it or not, the man at SFR revealed to me the number associated with the telephone line for the ADSL (I don't know why this is a secret). I tried that as a password and it worked. All of our devices are now logged on and the internet service is quite good.

However, since I disconnected the neufbox and took it for the trip down to SFR, the TV service has stopped. No big deal for me, as French TV puts me to sleep, but my wife likes the SitComs, so I expect another round of interesting experiences.


It is now one week and two days since we moved in to our Gite and the internet/TV still doesn't work. The owner has been here nearly every second day and had long discussions with SFR every time, replaced a cable and all to no avail. She is coming again today. I wonder what will transpire this time?