Auto E 40 page PDF in English

Hi all,

I have managed to get hold of a copy of the 40 page PDF document (can be found in French on the AE website) explaining the AE regime in English. It was translated by a translation company in the UK.

Please DM me should you want a copy :)


sorry how can i get a copy of this please

Hi hayley,

Please could you send me a copy as well?

Many thanks

Thanks Tracy - have added the links to my useful links page - will be up and running soon....! x

There is also quite a comprehensive section in English now on APCE about starting a business in France.

There is also some info on URSSAF but please do check that the PDF for the auto entrepreneur is up to date someone.

Thanks for adding me as a friend Hayley. Now could you please PM me with the file. Many thanks.

Thank you Hayley. Now to sit down and read it all !!!

I would love a copy of this please, thanks so much :)

Hi Hayley,

Love a copy please, will join and message, as requested.

Hi Hayley,

Thank you in advance.


Who is it by - if it is by Alison Morton, it's a great resource but as far as I am aware hasn't been updated since 2009 when AE began. Make sure you check all the amendments since then as there have been quite a few significant changes - such as you have to declare every month now even a '0' declaration (with big fines if you don't) and it has been limited to 24 months without a turnover.

Hi Hayley,

I've sent you a message.

Thank you for sharing this document,