Auto Entrepreneur & Carte Vitale

OK we have our Siret & Siren numbers ~ we registered last year ~ we are still waiting for our Carte Vitale which seems to be the never ending story of the French System ~ has anyone got any helpful comments to add as my husband is now in desparate need of a hip replacement and if this doesn’t happen soon he will have to go back to the UK…Which is not why where here living in France!!!

I hope you get it soon Celia, mine took about a year to come through but my old cpam one still worked so that didn't cause me a problem.

I registered my SARL in 2007 and never received my CV despite many thousands having been paid into the caisses of both RSI and URSSAF. The sarl is now dissolved, I've got my new AE siret and wonder if I'll ever get my CV - I too need medical attention and can't afford to keep paying myself!

Well, I was an entreprise individuelle for a while and I went with the Mutuelle Bleue. When I got the list of choices, I called them one by one. I chose the one which had a human being answer the phone, not a computerized answering machine. I was satisfied with them.

Hi Valerie ~ The RSI have found our file and have been sitting on it as it’s incomplete but they have never sent us the documents to complete and we have phoned them several times ~ one of the ladies even said that she could see us as registered but that there was a system error so to expect at least a 3mth wait…obviously, Andy can’t wait as he is becoming very disabled, this is why we ended up going to see Ange and she is now also trying to help, RAM couldn’t find us I assume because the RSI have been sitting on an incomplete file! So not great thanks for your input Karenxx

Hi Karen,

What a nightmare! unfortunately you are not the only one. If RAM haven’t heard from you, it is either because RSI hasn’t transferred your file to them (RAM can’t do anything for you until this is done), or worse because URSSAF who handles all the online registration hasn’t passed it on to RSI.

So 1st point of call is RSI. Check the details for your local agency on this map

If they don’t have your retails, they will send you a form to complete. You might need to give a copy of your birth certificate.

New here, but think I can suggest a site to help you, it’s

Hi George ~ Just to say I’ve found a very helpful lady called Angie, she has set up a little business helping the Brits with all sorts of stuff and is also very reasonable, she’s helping me sort out all our problems, and is trying to get a temporary number from RSI, we have also meet a chap via Angie who works for Mutuelle France Sud, as we finally managed to get through to RAM who are the company listed for Auto E’s and they had no record or details for our health care which is a bit of a nightmare considering this is one of the companies listed on the internet when completing A.E. forms!!!, we finally got through to RSI who have now found our file incomplete but haven’t bothered to send us any forms to complete!!!, we have now asked that they change our health requirements to Mutuelle France Sud, as the Carte Vitale & Top up plan will fall under one company i.e. MFS, and you actually get to speak to a real person rather than an automated system which is very difficult as you know especially being new in France, If you’d like to speak to Lionel at MFS, he might be able to help you and he also speaks English…He is now going to push the RSI for our Social Security numbers as it’s in his interest for our top-up-plan which was also very reasonable! ~ So fingers crossed FYI ~ This is Lionel’s email & Angies Helpline Email address

Hi Karen

We are in a similar but different position, in that we started out here in 2008 with E106’s, which have now expired, and consequently CPAM are now demanding back their CV’s. My answer is “I should co-co” … I’m hanging on to them !

Anyway I started up an AE on 01/01/09 so I am satisfied that the RSI MUST organise new CV cover for us as they have been happily grabbing my substantial quarterly cotisations, and I am going to meet them in Cahors next week, so … watch this space - I’ll let you know how I get on ! But don’t hold your breath … …

Its all a game, isn’t it !

Best o’luck

Fingers crossed! x

Thanks for your input I’m on the case and will let you know when we hopefully succeed…

You could also try asking an assistante sociale to take up your cause - they can be quite helpful sometimes and as this is to do with health it would come under their remit I think?

Considering we are all suppose to be ‘Europeans’ in the EEC it does make me LOL!!! Obviously we could send Hubbie back to the UK for his operation and jump on the UK free band wagon (dare I say more) but we are trying to become established in France and leave our roots behind…

Nope we didn’t qualify in France as where not retired and the UK didn’t want to know as we’d moved to France and they classed us as running a business!! Alternatively, we could have gone into the Micro-Entre but that wasn’t worth doing as we don’t earn a big enough income to be paying a monthly amount ~ so A.E was the only way forward!

I have been here 2.5 years, we have a Sarl company and still do not have our carte vitales. We go back to the UK to see doctors if needed to and the business pays for it (advised by our accountant!) We have been told that once in the system, payments will be back dated to the day we arrived in France (August 2007!)

The RSI are completely and utterly useless. Don’t get me started! They should have a regional office though - the chambre des metiers / CCI should have details . I’d go there for starters as its quite possible the RAM haven’t yet been sent your details. Were you covered under the CPAM before?

With Auto-entrepreneur you fall under the RSI and are then given a couple of options when filling out the form we where advised RAM in Bordeaux who we called the other day and they have no record of our names or registration even though we have a Siret Number! but this will make you laugh our Social Security payments when they get around to sorting it out will be back dated to last year!

What a nightmare! I’m sure you may have already tried but depending on which ‘Caisse’ you are affiliated to, have you tried finding a regional office and going along in person (they all have regional presences even its just one day a week for a couple of hours) and demanding a temporary (provisoire) attestation. This has just the same clout as the carte vitale when you wave it at people. You may have to demand one with menaces and refused to leave the building until you get one but they should issue one. Cx