Auto-entrepreneur and paid from the UK

I possibly have a situation where I could have some work as a translator from a UK Company, this will not be a big earner, but lets say around 1k a month/every other month possibly. Would (and can I) work as an AE in this situation? The Company isn't overly interested in putting me on their books as it seems a bit complicated. Any ideas on this? Cheers.

And health :)


You're dead right of course Catharine. Just that misinterpreting the tax code can be dangerous for your wealth :-)

They're partnerships Brian :-)

For instance John, google the new verb 'googlable' and, unlike the conventional dictionaries, you'll find it in seconds. The companies you mention, google them and then go to greater depths looking at their directors, then their private lives and you'll soon find yourself re-emerging out of another company name. You can get what you want, if you are willing to spend a while delving - on average 10 minutes, about eight minutes longer than contemporary concentrations spans.

John - these days EVERYTHING is googlable. The problem is that (lay) people are often unable to analyse and interpret the information available.

If it was "googlable" Catharine then PWC, KPMG and our pals Blevin Franks would be out of business. This is, sadly, complex.

Yes but surely John it is all googlable?

Brian, with all due respect I do not think you're an expert in this area and therefore your advice should be tempered with caution. I have spent many years on assignment and have had many employees on assignment working for me. KPMG, PWC, Deloitte and others make a fortune advising me and my old employers on taxation and I continue to benefit from their advice in this complex area. Neither you nor I have any idea of the arrangements EDF has with UK revenue.

Once again Maria to clarify, the company has to be onshore to employ you. That means there are tax implications for the company which, one would assume, would far outweigh the benefits of employing you. You tax affairs are your own business.

Sorry Maria I thought my comment was self explanatory, my fault. You said "But of course we're self-employed, so don't count as 'employees" I just pointed out, as one who has had cross border employees, that there are implications for both parties if it is an employer/employee relationship as opposed to contract. Be careful.

I am not sure where you are coming from John, since it does not relate to the question. However, there are (for instance) several thousand French employees of EDF in the UK. Some of them are only there for a limited time, perhaps a few months, but because of EU treaties have to be regarded as employees in the UK. However, that relationship works perfectly well and yes there are employer 'implications' but no there are not for the employee since it is part of the arrangements for the free movement of labour. Having to pay social charges and taxes in another country then getting them back is tedious and can involve lengthy waits admittedly, but thus far I have had no real problems with that and know nobody else who really has.

Yes you could Maria but with intersting implications for you and the entities "employing" you.

No Maria, A French company cannot "employ" someone in the UK and visa versa without tax implications for the company unless they are onshore.

Interesting point Maria. Thus far my contracts have only shown me as a consultant but in the past I have had three and six month contracts that made me an 'employee'. Then I had to reclaim taxes, was always exempted from social and health schemes though, so that when I was in Beijing my 'place of employment' was actually Geneva because the UN agency I was under contract to hired me there. So that under those circumstances, much like then, I would declare the gross payment but may well have received the tax repayment by then, got it eventually whatever. So it is tit-for-tat. When we arrived and both of us went AE we went to URSSAF, etc to make sure that was alright, all of them said it was.

Exactly, all of my payments come from abroad. I am a consultant who mainly works in 'developing' countries, for the likes of UN agencies, Save the Children and so on with no actual source of work here in France. Three years in and with my paperwork checked once I am without any problems because of that whatsoever Indeed, the very fact my OH and I are bringing money into France is welcomed to the best of my knowledge.

I not sure I understand the problem. I guess the single client thingy is to try and prevent employees from pretending to be AEs. If the payment is coming from abroad then one cannot be an employee and the mere idea of a company setting up a legal entity in France to facilitate one employee is nuts.

Thank you Maria! Big help :) I know about the classification issues, as an English teacher/trainer,over the years I have been classed as anything from a cadre to artisan (spectacle).... interesting....

Oooo and another question... it can be for other uses? i.e. I am an English teacher, stained glassmaker and translator.....

Thanks everyone... so long and short... It's ok, as long as I get at least one 'other' job each tax year? However small.