Auto Entrepreneur and paying tax under this scheme

Hello everyone. Just wondered if anyone else has come across this. When I set up my gite as AE in 2009 i sought advice from my accountant when I received my first qtly RSI return about which line i declare my income. They advised that it would be other presentation de service attracting cotisations and tax of 23.5% It seems from a professional business adviser, the chambre of commerce and the countries central impot office say that it should be ventes de merchandises as the principle activity is it comes under hebergement touristique et autre hebergement de courte duree with a APE code 5520Z. I am now in a full scale argument with my accountant as she says that you have to classified by the prefecture to pay under this heading. She cannot show me it in black and white anywhere where it says this and after many emails backwards and forwards she is refusing to budge on the answer she has given even though 3 other parties disagree with her, but has admitted that it is some local tax offices that are insisting on this and that is what she is going with. She also agrees that it is ambiguous. I just wondered if anyone else can shed some light on this subject or has had this experience. Incidentally I would say that parties who disagree with her have all put that it should be paid under ventes de merchandises in writing by email and she still doesn't agree. Help!

I had a similar reply from the Hotel des Impots, when I showed them the official print outs that something was already paid for via AE - 'that's only a list, not proof that the amount paid covers that' I was baffled - but won in the end!

Our gites are registered with our prefecture & at our mairie too. We only have two gites. We don't pay tax but do, of course declare the gite income. I cannot remember off

my head under which section we declare, sorry. Even though we do not pay tax, the declaration of the gites income creates a 'contribution sociale' which is a % of the yearly income.

We have other activities under the 'hat' of AE & find that when advice is needed we get a different answer every time & that the last 'given answer' was incorrect. This can be at URSAAF or Chamber de Commerce. Last time at URSAAF we were told point blank that 'you cannot do that' over and over. We then produced information printed off from THEIR web-site stating that we could.......... the answer? "Ah the web-site is incorrect Monsieur".

We also sought advice from a friend who is a 'Comptable Expert' to see if he could suggest a good 'comptable' for us (as he is snowed under with big companies) he just said, "Oh you AE's you don't need an accountant just do your returns & send them in and ignore any abiguous (sp) rubbish they send you out, you are such 'small fry' they'll never bother you". How very French, I thought!

Hi Finn, as I said it worked for me, and a few days later I received the paper déclaration to fill in from the wrong URSSAF as normal and nothing from my new URSSAF for the second time! so I'm pleased you prompted me to do it on-line AND pleased it worked for me, I hope it's just a glitch in the system and that it'll be working for you very shortly - blame it on the weather!

First I've heard of going direct to the RSI but if it works why not ;-)

I've just moved into the 21st century and declared online (following Finn's remarks about me being too French and wanting to do everything by paper!) - very easy and perhaps it'll move you to the % group you're hoping for!

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No a business adviser Valerie at Start a business. com said to go directly to RSI. They are the ones that I have to pay my contributions to and they send my qtrly return to me.

Hi Claire do you mean the urssaf rather than the rsi because they are responsible for sorting everything out for ae and not the rsi...?

Hi Andrew, I pay through RSI and have always done so. In fact it was them who initially said they thought I may be paying the wrong tax but they told me to speak to the impot. Local impot said you have to be classified by the prefecture and guess what, the central national impot office which I contacted by email disagreed. But obviously there is a fear of changing and then be asked to pay it back if it is wrong. Anyway I am now waiting for an email confirmation from RSI and they have told a friend to send a RIB and they will just refund her, so as soon as I get a response and hopefully it will be the same, I will also send a RIB. But this is France and with this one I fear anything could happen.

i got put into a slightly higher group to begin with because the cipav wouldn't exept ae in 2009 so I'm with the rsi and pay the rate for artisans services and not profession libérale, changed urssaf when I moved and now down to the lower rate but we're talking 2% difference and I haven't tried to claim anything back because I'm pretty sure I won't get anywhere doing so!

I can't help on your case but courage et bonne chance !