Auto Entrepreneur and pension

Can anybody advise me on how pension, sickness and unemployment contributions work with Auto entrepreneur?

Thanks in advance

Please could I have the official translation please with any 2011 updates. Many thanks
at :

Hi Glen, would be great if you could send me a copy of that


Thanks Glen, I received the copy which as an excellent start to AE, however, please note Alison’s disclaimer that it is not an official translation and the original French document is the important one.
Also, note the date - 2008, there have been many, many ammendments since then, some majors ones have applied since January 2011.
Please read the 2011 French version to ensure you comply with the rules!

Hi Glen
Could I please join the ranks of having the Official AE emailed to me? :slight_smile:

yes please Glen, that would be really useful
Thanks very much :slight_smile:

yes please Glen thanks

This link explain ACCRE and if you are entiltiled to it.

Gosh, thanks, and there has just been a large increase in the number of things I know nothing about!

What is ACCRE please?

I emailed RSI to ask them what turnover had to be declared by trimester for my pension contributions to be validated (as in France your pension works on how many trimesters you have validated) and the emailed me back saying that a turn over of 1800€ per trimester, 3600€ per semester or 7200€ per annum was needed for it to be counted. When you are self employed your are not entiltiled to unemployment when you stop being self-employed, but I didnt ask about health care.

Hi Glen,

Would you please email me a copy- I’ve got the French version but an English one would be so much more straight forward.

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In brief, with AE all figures are based on CA - turnover, there are no allowances and no minimum earnings. You are covered from the day you register but a CV will take forever, however, don’t worry, it is only a piece of plastic that make life easier, it’s a relatively new invention and the old paper system still works.

After conge parental finishes, you are still insured for a length of time but I don’t know how long, you need to ask CPAM or whoever you deal with.
If you are on congee parental you may be eligible for ACCRE if you inscribe as AE, which means your social charges are reduced quite substantially.

Hope that helps!

That’s amazing - where on earth did you find it?

Hi Glen,
Is it the one done by Alison? It’s a good start but there have been many changes since last year, especially important is that there is an extra tax to pay and also it is now compulsory to declare ‘zero’ CA every month or quqrter. They have also changed the number of trimestres you are eligible for AE with out making any money, it ws 36 months, now it is only 24.
If it’s an more up to date one, I would also love to have a copy as well please. my email address is tracy at

Hi Glen

I would be most grateful if you would email it to me.

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If I set up as AE, are there minimum earnings ( and thus contributions to be paid) that need to be met to get the carte Vitale please?

Connected to the above, as a side question, does anyone know what happens to my Carte Vitale, when my Congee Parental ends?

  1. It expires immeadiately
  2. It carries on for 3 or 4 years?
  3. Something else?



No problems, it’ll probably just lead to more questions but there are many people on here who are AE and will be able to help.

Thanks Tracy, that really is very useful. I have just scan read it now, but will go through in more detail later.

If you can read French then has all the info.
If you don’t read French then tell us a bit more about how you plan to use AE as it differs depending on what you do as AE also if you are salaried, retired or it is your only source of income.
If you don’t read French, then you need to start practising as there is practically no official information in English!