Auto entrepreneur being closed just as i finally get work

I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem. I opened by AE in September 2014, targeting a particular field of work. I wasn’t able to find work. I have started work in January this year doing something completely new to me, but I have had notification to say my AE is being closes due to nil returns. Any advice?

I know that even if you have no income from your AE you still have to declare, or they will shut you down. I don’t know what you can do aboout it now though…Sorry can’t help more.


Surely the first thing to do… is get back to whoever has written to you…try phoning.and talk things through with them. The closure may be final and irreversible, but swift action on your part might save the day… worth a try…

good luck

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If you have changed what you do is your original AE registration even suitable?

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Thanks for your reply

There is a limit to how long a micro is permitted to stay open declaring nil turnover every quarter, the details will be on the autoentrepreneur site - I thought it was 24 months but maybe it was reduced to 18 but easy enough to check. But if you started a completely new activity in January you should really have registered the new activity as soon as you started it, as David says you shouldn’t be registered for one thing and doing something unconnected.

What exactly did the letter say? Did it say that the business will be closed if you don’t declare anything this quarter, or did it say it has already been closed? If the former, which I suspect is the case, then you need to change your registered activity very quickly (you should be able to do this online) and then get your declaration for the new activity submitted by the end of April and all should be well. If the latter then as Stella says you need to talk to them to find out the options.

Hope this helps.