Auto Entrepreneur Cotisations Sociales

Is anyone in the know (I mean really in the know) about these charges? I changed to the AE régime in 2012 and have paid my cotisations three monthly without problems. I've also (reluctantly) paid my Cotisations Fonciere des Entreprises.

Today I received a "Avis Amiable" telling me that I hadn't paid my cotisations sociales for each trimester of 2014. The amounts are low, totalling just 8€ for the year. BUT - the "majorations" make the total asked for a whopping 91€!

I have never had a request for this kind of payment before, and attempted to get an answer from the RSI helpline, but being deaf this is very difficult for me via the telephone and I'm not sure I got a proper explanation.

Is anyone else in a similar position? Does anyone know why there is yet another demand on top of the payments already made?

I'm told I must pay it on pain of even more of a penalty, but I would dearly love the knowledge to be able to argue my case.

Many thanks.

CSG is a payment that is included in AE contributions but not in other business statuts and Les Impots collect it. They send them out to all businesses randomly and it is up to you to prove you have already paid it; I wrote about it here

Incidentally I have been hearing about other AE's receiving surprise bills. It turns out that if you qualified for ACCRE they haven't been increasing the percentage when you pay on line! Just a nasty debt letter.

Thanks, Brian. I think you're right. As much as it goes against my nature, I think I am simply going to have to play along with this totally unfair system. I often wonder why so many intelligent hardworking entrepreneurs simply accept this state bullying without question. But a lone voice ain't ever going to be heard, I know!

I'm not really sure what CSG is. I pay my cotisations and tax contributions quarterly, and have never received a demand for any other amount, other than the pernicious Cotisation Fonciere des Entreprises.

If it is CSG as you suggest it may be - should I normally be notified of this? I am just concerned that this is simply going to happen on an annual basis unless I can get to the bottom of it. Thanks.

Yes, exactly what my OH was advised last year and again this about the debt department.

By 'cotisations sociales' do you mean 'CSG'? and who is the bill from? I had a run in with the Hotel des Impots over this. it can happen when they don't have you down as AE. Can you post the bill for us to see?

Having said that, it is always best to pay and then ask for the money back as it can escalate rapidly and they start getting nasty as the debt department does not communicate with anyone else.

We were at the local URSSAF office for an entirely different matter last week. That is where the woman dealing with my OH found that she is owed a good sum back, yet the next day the demand for €83 arrived. She did call just out of politeness on Monday and was told that with the five day deadline it would not be possible for the different accounting departments to make the exoneration. It all depends on what the deadline is I suspect. If you have a month then it may be possible. The risk of the substantial fine is too high a risk, especially since it would make the value of the rebate rather less if not pointless.

You need to send a letter to URSSAF pleading for an exoneration. Say that it was an oversight and that you had no idea you owed 8 euros to them, apologise and enclose a cheque for the amount you actually owe and ask them to overlook the 83 euros. It usually works. I've done it myself.

Thanks, Brian. I'm kind of resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to cough up within the generous five day window specified. The thing is I probably wouldn't have raised more than one eyebrow at having to pay an extra 8€ on top of the cotisations I've already paid. But an additional 83€ in majorations when I didn't even get a demand - is this going to happen on a yearly basis from now on? I'm totally baffled.

My wife had one of those for €83 on Saturday. She paid without ado having tried that at this time last year. In fact they owe her money, many times that, but they do not subtract what we owe them from what they owe us (if they do). For missing the deadline or haggling/refusing to pay there is steep penalty. I am not sure how much it is but it will be a lot for sure.