Auto Entrepreneur first return

Hi all

Have just completed my first AE return online for April, May & June. Everything went well, figure calculated, looked correct I thought I read that I should print out the final page and send to RSI, but wasn't given that option at the end.I think that that total calculated should now come off my bank account at the end of this month.

However, I just received a form from RSI in the post, asking me to fill all the figures in for the quarter and return with a cheque.

I'm wary of doing this, as I think I will then have paid twice for the same three months.

Anyone had any experience of this?

I was intending sending back the form, without cheque with a screen dump showing the final online payment page



They often send out paper returns even if you declare online.

Nothing to worry about. You will have an acknowledgement of receipt from the online AE system for your paid-for declaration.

Just ignore the paper one.

My first online overlapped like yours. I did it online only, submitted and on advice of another AE ignored the paper one. I did not hear again so assume it is history, done and dusted. Having received one this week, e-version only, I can say with certainty that was all 15 months ago.