Auto-Entrepreneur for an Irish fellow

Hi all,

I just arrived here in France a few months ago from Ireland and I still haven't registered for tax here as it seems quite complicated and my French isn't the best yet ! At the moment I'm still paying my tax in Ireland.

So I need some advise and info if anyone can help me out please that would be great.

I think I want to register for the Auto-entrepreneur status, I'm a freelance animator and I work from home.

I have a few questions;

  1. How does one register for Auto-Entrepreneur and how long does it take ? ( I believe you can do it on-line at )

  2. Once I'm registered, how do I pay my tax and how often (quarterly or yearly) ?

  3. Is it all just one tax, or is it income tax and social charges (CSG and CRDS) payed separately ?

  4. I wonder could someone give me a general break-down of the taxes required to pay? e.g. I'm earning around €30,000 in the year and I do freelance animation so I think I should register under Micro-BNC, in this case what percentage of my taxable income will be taxed ?

  5. Do these taxes cover health care, or is that separate ?

  6. Once I've registered, how long would it take to get on the health system ? (this a little urgent as I have to go to a dentist very soon!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Maria,

Thanks for the response! Yeah I have a lot of questions there, shows you how clueless I am at the moment about this!

I'll have a look at the web-site you suggested, it looks like it would be a big help.

Thanks a million,