Auto entrepreneur - insurance?

Hi All

Just looking for a little bit of advice on this scheme. We are just about to register our little business renting out classic cars and our income is likely to sit in this bracket. The question I had was in terms of insurance.... if there is a claim brought against an auto entrepreneur for any reason is it against the registered person?? I would assume that there is separate insurance that can be bought for this type of thing??

Any guidance anyone has in terms of this would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jennifer

Thanks for your quick reply!! Its a bit of a minefield isn't it?!? We are here at the moment to explore all our options with the aim of getting up and running for the beginning of the season next year so (hopefully!) time is on our side a little bit at the moment!!

As yet we are not registered at all. We are still trying to determine what is best for us - autoentrepreneur or SARL and the insurance and risk will play a large part in determining this. We are waiting on an insurance company coming back to us with some further information in terms of the assurance de responsibilite civile and we hope that this will shed some further light to allow us to move ahead with registering our company here. We do have the name of a recommended expert compatable who we are hoping to meet in the next few weeks.

Any advice, help or suggestions for things we need to be aware of from anyone else in our situation would be very welcome!!

Thanks again!


Normally, your responsibilité civile should cover it. You should have that already. Do you have your assurance de responsibilité civile? Any claim you have as an autoentrepreneur is against you and your biens. You have to see a notaire to make out some documents to make sure that your assets will be protect. If not, if you are sued, it is on you. There is no guarantee that your responsibilité civile insurance will cover you in all instances. If you want to protect your biens, you should talk to a notaire and a expert comptable about maybe registering under SARL. Then the entreprise takes all the risk except in the case of a severe wrong on your part in the case of faute grave such as the way you are running the company. Have you gotten an expert comptable yet?